My First Day as a Missionary!

Dear Family —

Yes!  I did serve my first day here at the MTC!  After I was dropped off, I went to my residence room where I unpacked.  Then my companion, Elder Wright (Ha ha, yes the one everybody told me about) came in.  I helped him unpack and got to know him.  He seems awesome, and we are really going to get along — only thing is is that he is a Utes fan and that’s a problem!  (He is wearing full Utah clothing — I got all my BYU stuff on).  We then had a meeting from the MTC presidency and it was very good.  Dinner was okay.  I saw Sister Osborne and we chatted for a good while.  I also ran into Elder Koford which is cool.  Then just more introduction meetings.  Elder Wright was made District Leader, and as his companion, I am there to help him.  Everybody in my District is awesome and very friendly!  It is a bit overwhelming but I’m excited for it all. 

I want to thank you for the love you guys have shown me.  Mom and Dad, I challenge you two to read and faithfully practice what is on page 150, #13 in Preach My Gospel.  As I now have a new companion, I  hope it will be strong so that we may work together as one.  Riley — make sure you take the time each day to read/study.  It’s not about how much you read, but put your study time in time incriments.  I know it has made a change in my life and it will in yours.  Colby and Tara, you two are amazing and I look up to you two so much.  I ran out of time now so I will write once again on my preparation day — Friday.  Love you all and I thank you for your support. 

 Love Brady


~ by Susan Johnson on June 1, 2009.

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