I’m Beginning to Connect the Dots!

Hey everybody!
Once again I don’t have much time to email but I’ll try my best to get all the information to you guys, and answer your questions! This work is absolutely amazing and I am loving it! The days are absolutely flying by and I can’t believe I have already been out for 3 weeks in the field. The spirit is so strong and is helping me each day to be led to find those people who are in need of this wonderful message we share about the restoration and Jesus Christ. I know that I have grown so much already as I have been out serving. I am beginning to connect all the dots in my life and to see the important things in life. I have noticed that as I am working with part member families and less active people, I am really coming to realize that I am so blessed to have been born in the gospel in a loving home that practices it. I have taken it for
granted my whole life and really haven’t thought about how blessed I am to be in a loving home and to already have all these attributes in my life. I see broken families and trials that people are facing and it breaks my heart! I love the people so much and want the best for them. Serving in this area, I have realized how people can get caught up with worldly things and it controls the very nature of them and how they treat people. It is extremely sad and I want to just help them but it is hard when they don’t accept to even talk to me… but I am loving it anyways! So many doors have been slammed in my face but that just means that I’m that much closer to finding the ones prepared to receive our message. We are having a hard time finding people but I think it’s just because it’s the holiday season… not sure.
I have had a lot of fun experiences once again but no time to share them all! The 4th of July I was at a dinner party at this guys place where he has a 600ft long slide in his backyard. It’s a legit slide! But I didn’t ride on it and it was hard…. I was tempted! The members are so welcoming and I love it. I am trying not to gain weight but it’s hard! I’ve gotta go now and I love you
guys so much! Keep up the work Kelsey and I hope all goes well with you!
Love, Elder Johnson


~ by Colby Johnson on July 7, 2009.

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