I Almost Exploded with all the Food I Ate!

Hi family-
Thanks for the e-mails and love.  That is way cool that Riley got a job, good for him. And it is about time that you start my scrapbook mom! haha thanks for doing that. Too bad I missed your pictures on the slide show. That would be way cool to see. Well the work here in Brentwood is going ok… it is just really slow and we are having a hard time trying to find people to teach. Since we got shot-gunned into this area, we don’t know anybody and we are still struggling to find people. It is difficult when you want so bad to teach people but are too set in their ways. And we are having troubles with the members as well. The attendance percent is something we are working on really bad!!!! In one area, there are so many less actives that they can be considered an entire ward… it is sad and it really makes me want to work harder and try to help them but is definitely frustrating at times, but I just have to endure it with patience I guess.. so that is how the work is going here in Brentwood, and then in the singles ward that I am in is so awkward!!! It is all these students that have all returned home from  school and they are, for the most part, the same age as me so its weird! But they are really friendly and very open so it is good. They help out sooo much and really are trying to work with us to find people to teach. It’s just that since it is the entire stake, we don’t have that much miles to be running around and working in that ward as much. Don’t even worry mom, I am being fed way toooo much! The other night we had two dinner appointments and I thought I was going to die after. Never have I eaten so much food in my life. It was  a complete nightmare and when I got home that night, I just laid on my bed in pain because I wanted to explode! I’m not really gaining too much weight though. Every morning I really take advantage of the short time we have to exercise and I work it all off so I’m still in shape. If anything I’m getting thicker with muscle than fat so I’m happy with that.
This week we had a zone conference with our new president. He is awesome and the conference was so amazing. We learned about the doctrine of Christ and how to extend the baptismal questions to people. So I have already seen how it is helping in our teaching. And then Sunday was probably my favorite Sunday ever! Never has it been so strong before and I really loved it. As I am out on my mission I really am realizing the importance of church and the sacrament. It is the best way to recharge myself for the upcoming week. We are currently teaching one part member family and the dad is catholic so he is taking the lessons. That is the only person we are teaching and that is going okay. We taught him the plan of salvation and he has a million questions about it so we will see how that goes on our next visit tomorrow. Then we found a really cool family that is Muslim and the mom has a lot of background with members of the church and they are awesome. They want the best for the kids and that is our way in. We are going to have dinner at their house and we don’t even have an official appointment set up to teach them. They are just really friendly and open and that is what is awesome in this work.
This week we also did service for a huge commuunity event. It is called the Brentwood Cornfest and we did service for them and helped escort vendors to their stations and helped them unload if they needed. But pretty much it is the same as the big “Streets of Denver” or whatever it is called where there is a lot of food booths and stuff. I got so much sun those days and I am getting so tan! That is all of it from me… love you all – bye


~ by Colby Johnson on July 17, 2009.

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