Subliminally Teaching the Ice Cream Man!

How is everybody doing? Thank you so much for the love and letters that you have all sent me. I love to hear about all your adventures and the fun things that are going on in your life. I am happy that you arrived home safely mom – even though you had a nightmare experience in traffic. But what I am coming to quickly learn is that we all face trials in our lives and we can either complain and not grow from them or we can look at them as a learning opportunity. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by! It seems that just yesterday I was in the MTC with the swine and that I was getting off the plane into my first transfer. Everybody says that your first transfer is the longest but I don’t know how time can go by any faster that it already has.
Well this week is the end of the first transfer and I can’t believe how fast it has gone by. I am loving every minute of it still and as I look back at my first transfer I can say that it was very difficult but now I feel like I am in the swing of things and know what I am doing. Transfer calls are this Friday but I bet Elder Clark and I will stay in this area for a while. President Wade seems like he is a fan of keeping elders in an area for a long time. The work is still coming along. Every day we pack our days with things to do and people to see. Because it has been summer, a lot of people are just out of town and it is hard to get in and visit people. But school is about to start back up so we are hoping that more people will be home. Elder Clark and I do a lot of tracting. I have a strong testimony of tracting already. I have come to realize the importance of finding people and relying on the Lord to help guide and direct us to streets that has that one person who is home and prepared to hear the message. When we just randomly pick a street out of convenience on our part, we never get people and doors get slammed in our faces all the time. Just yesterday we prayerfully selected a street to tract and on this street we found this lady that had just moved out of Oakland a year ago and was taking the lessons out there and couldn’t find the missionaries out here in Brentwood! it was so much fun to have that experience. I love talking to people and sharing the restored gospel. I find it to be amusing to see people’s reactions when they are trying to close the door and you are still talking. But the best is teaching when they don’t even know it! Like this week the ice cream man was going up and down the streets and I turned to Elder Clark and told him I’m going to stop him. So we did and I asked him which of all his ice creams was the best – and then asked him why are there so many flavors? And so I just compared that to why there are so many churches today and that one really good ice cream is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He wasn’t too amused of my approach but it was fun. Then we have this guy we are going to go teach this week. He is a hoot! He’s a black guy from Louisiana and our first visit was just him talking about how he can’t believe we are out in the world talking to people that don’t want to listen. Even though he doesn’t want to listen. But he invited us to come back anytime and talk about our hard times. So Elder Clark and I are going to go back and talk to him about how we are so sad that people won’t listen to our message even though it is so simple and we will be teaching him without him knowing. We will see how it goes haha.
I got my shoes mom. Thank you soooo much! They are amazing and I love them. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the picture situation. I really haven’t been taking a lot of pictures so we will see I guess – but I do have an awesome picture of me holding a rooster. There is a funny story behind it. Pretty much we were at a pig farm and the owner said we can keep it if we catch it so four missionaries including myself caught this rooster. One of the missionaries jumped into a pig pen with about 10 babies to finally corner and grab the rooster. So I’ll mail that to you when I get a copy.
That is all from me. I love you all and you are in my prayers daily. I love this work and the message we share is amazing. Please help out the missionaries in your areas!!!!! You can’t believe how much help they need. Just give them a simple referral and it will help them sooo much. Pray for those missionary opportunities and they will come. Love you all and have a good week! Until next time — Elder Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on July 21, 2009.

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  1. Brady. we went to the Farnworth Wedding Reception lask night, everyone sends their love. Stay strong!

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