A Small Miracle!

   How is everybody doing?! I am having an awesome time doing the Lord’s work. Every day when my alarm goes off I jump out of bed to get the day started because I want to hurry up and work out so I can have just that couple of minutes more to study the restored gospel! I am loving the time that I have to study and try to fit reading in as much as possible. And I’m sure that all of you who know me think that it would never be but it is so! The Book of Mormon is one of those books that you can’t just put down after reading a single verse. My interest and knowledge has grown so much and it is great. Only problem is, there isn’t enough time in the day. This p-day I have just spent all morning reading, but there is so much good stuff that I can’t decide what to read sometimes. This morning I was torn between a couple of things to study. I started reading Alma, got to chapter 9, then went to Genesis and studied the creation, then to the book of Moses and read 3 chapters, then into a General Conference address from last conference, and then jumped over to Jesus the Christ…. there is just too much stuff that I want to read and not enough time.
   All is well with me. the past week wasn’t too hot but this upcoming week is supposed to be 100 plus all week. The members are feeding me too well and I am getting fat. This past week has definitely been the most effective with Elder Clark and I. We slaved away and worked with a lot of inactive people. But it absolutely tears me apart that people have chosen to give up the gospel in their lives and try to make it on their own. The bishop has us trying to reactivate a lot of people by teaching them but nobody wants to talk to us and it’s sad. My heart goes out to them because I want them back at church but at the same time, I can’t just do an Abinadi and chastise them… it is hard and if anybody has advise on what we can be doing to help reactivate people it would be awesome. The ward often teases us about how we should build a new church out on the delta so people could just pull their boats up to the dock on Sundays. Haha – it would totally work too. (google earth Discovery Bay to see what I’m talking about) the only thing that would help is if I could get you to pray to help soften the hearts of the less actives. That would help the most I think.
   A miracle that happened this week (I think it was this week… maybe I told you in the last letter- I don’t remember) is that when tracting we ran into this Spanish guy who didn’t speak a lick of English and me, in my very advanced two years of high school Spanish, tried speaking to him the best I could in Spanish but to no luck. And then feeling like it wasn’t going anywhere, I decided just to leave him with a pass along card so I pulled one out of the stash I had in my pocket. As I was reaching for it I had no idea how I was going to explain to the guy to call the number for a free Book of Mormon. But as I gave it to him I noticed that it was in Spanish already… it was CRAZY! haha all of my other cards were all in English and the one random one I pulled out happened to be a Spanish card. (I even just opened a new pack of cards that morning out of the plastic). So that was pretty cool.
   Oh yeah! I got the transfer call and Elder Clark and I are still in this area together. I can’t decide if I like this place really, it is really weird because it seems like everywhere is so segregated. There is the really rich areas and then immediately across the street is complete farmlands. I don’t know how to explain it but it is just weird to me and really flat. But I do love all the free fruits and veggies we get!!!! Brentwood is known for its corn and there are cornfields everywhere that are amazing! We get fresh corn every Tuesday from members. Then we always get fresh peaches and apricots. But my favorite is the pluout! It is a mix between an apricot and a plum! Oh and then there is the unlimited amount of cucumbers we get! It is all fresh so it is amazing. 
   My time has run out and I haven’t really gotten to tell you any good stuff that happened. Just know that I am loving this work and am working really hard to do the Lords work according to his will. I see miracles every day out here where the Lord has lead us to the people we have prayerfully been seeking. I love you all and can’t wait to hear back from my favorite family.

Elder Brady Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on July 28, 2009.

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