I Could Just Feel the Cleansing Take Place

(Oct. 12, 2009) Hello one and all! Sounds like everybody had a busy week. Dad that is good to hear about the event up at Breckenridge and the success you are having. and mom you are crazy! I can just imagine you in those hideous clothing and I started to laugh when you said that it is something a grandma would wear… well hate to break it to you but you will soon be a grandma and you have to get used to wearing those clothing! haha and Kelsey it sounds like the Philippines are getting hit pretty hard from what everybody tells me but it is good to hear that you are just getting the little parts of the storm. So just like Kelsey’s last letter this has been the most challenging week and just like Kelsey said, it will have to be an “after the mission” story for you all to know what happened, so just ask me when I return…
Jonathan’s baptism was amazing! We didn’t have many people show up because we set the date on conference Sunday for the following Saturday and it was hard to get the word out to people about it since we didn’t have church in time, but that is how he wanted it — small. But he asked me to baptize him and that was an amazing experience. I could just feel the cleansing take place and he came up with the biggest smile on his face. Then Sunday he got confirmed by Elder Finau, so it went very smooth and was probably the easiest baptism that I will be a part of out here haha. He was just soooo ready! He has the cutest little 3 year old girl. She’s so funny because every time we come over she goes crazy and is screaming “missionaries!!!” and she sings all the primary songs she is learning to us. So Jonathan will be a friend of mine forever.
This past week was, like I said, a story for when I get home. But I am doing well personally. Really I love it out here and I don’t want to come home! (just teasing mom) But really I love this work and to help people in their life is amazing. The work out here has exploded and referrals are coming in left and right and they are solid investigators. I remember when I first got in here and the work was dead and you probably could tell from my e-mails I was frustrated but now I’m more pleased than I could ever be with the amount of people we are working with.
My time is short today but I just want to end and let you all know that I love all of you. Every time I hold a Book of Mormon now it just penetrates my soul and by just being able to hold it proves that Joseph Smith was called of God to restore not only ancient records, but restored THE church. Love you all!
Elder J
Colby and Tara:  Keep working hard Colby with school and Tara, when do you pop? Like May?


~ by Susan Johnson on October 18, 2009.

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