I’m Transfered to the Streets of San Francisco!

(Oct. 19, 2009) Hello one and all! Good to hear from everybody and all the crazy events that are happening back home! Sounds like a fun week. Well congrats to Jeff for the wedding. Sorry to hear about Scott and that situation, but good to hear that he is doing better. Woooo – I’m going to be an uncle — to a little girl! I’m so excited. Keep me updated on all the eventful stuff back home.
I’m doing great. This past week has been really good. We found a couple of new investigators and they are very solid people so that is good! One guy is the funniest person I probably know! He is a hoot and he likes to have fun! He teases us and jokes but at the same time he is really sincere about learning. The first lesson he was so excited and he was ready to get baptized right there and he wanted us to just do it there in his backyard in Discovery Bay in the Delta. But he will be a while before he is ready. We also took some more people to the Visitors Center and they really enjoyed that. Our newest convert is doing great still, he is so strong.
Other than that there isn’t much going on… except that we got transfer calls this past Saturday night. So I’m leaving tomorrow morning out to San Francisco! haha I’m so excited and it is going to be an adventure. From what people have told me, the ward that I’m in isn’t like the downtown area, it is the nicer area of San Francisco, where people have houses and its a neighborhood type of area. It is called the sunset area. So I guess I’ll find out tomorrow more about it! I’m excited but at the same time I am happy and content here in little, peaceful Brentwood. I will definitely miss my wards I’m in. I have made many friendships that will last forever with a lot of people, but its cool because I am just needed somewhere else. From what I understand I will be traveling on bus the whole time. I just have one ward that I cover. And my companion is “funny” so we will see how it goes. I’ll definitely have more info for you all next week.
That is it for this weeks letter. Things are going great with me. Time is absolutely flying by and it is crazy to think about how fast time flies out here. Thanks for all the love you send me. I know that I have been blessed into a loving family who raised their children in the gospel, that I am so thankful for.
Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on October 21, 2009.

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