I Got Kicked in the Butt by the Spirit!


(Nov. 16, 2009) What’s up everybody!!! I’m doing awesome. I have had my fare share of roller coasters here on the mission and I learn from them every day. So if you recall I have been struggling with my companion and so has I guess others… the biggest news this week is that there was an emergency transfer! So that means that I have a new companion. But when I say I got a new companion, I mean that Elder Hintze didn’t leave and now we are in a threesome! haha it is soooo awkward when we are walking down the streets and there is 3 of us! Oh man it has been awesome. Even worse when we get on a bus and everybody looks at you. But oh well we are having soooo much fun. The new guy’s name is Elder Greenhalgh and he is cool. He is one transfer less than me and he is so culture shocked by the city. His last companion had issues and they needed to get out of that area for some legal reasons that I’m not allowed to talk about. But all is going well.
We had two new investigators this week and they are awesome. I still love this area and I’m learning a lot from this experience! I love the city and I don’t think I will ever like anywhere else because this place is awesome!!!!! I don’t really have much to talk about… Oh yeah – I was contacting on the streets and I was talking to this guy named Richard. He is awesome and usually you don’t just give a Book of Mormon out on the streets but I got kicked in the butt by the spirit so I gave him one. Well he gave us an address and he didn’t have a phone number so we were trying to go visit him and he wasn’t home… but walking down the street I saw him and I ran him down. The next day he came to church and he  absolutely loved it! There was this musical number where this lady played the violin and he was crying from it. He said that he would go home and read the Book of Mormon and will definitely come to church for the rest of his life! Its way cool. I love you all and wish you all the best.
Elder Johnson




~ by Susan Johnson on November 17, 2009.

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