30 People Listened to Me as I Preached on a Bus!


(Nov. 23, 2009) I’m doing great one and all. Things are coming along here in San Francisco. A lot of cool things have happened this week. Let me just tell you that the bus is the craziest place to meet people! haha Yesterday we were riding the bus to church and I was talking to this guy who’s last named happened to be Johnson as well. Oh man it was crazy and he was heading to a Baptist church and he was talking incredibly loud on the bus and everybody was listening! It was so funny and he was going off about how nice we are as missionaries and how people don’t respect us enough (mind you the whole bus of about 30 people were listening) and then he had me teach him our basic beliefs. Well his hearing wasn’t so good either so I had to like yell and so I was teaching the bus actually. It was so much fun. and the spirit was so strong and stuff. But then we had to get off and that was kind of that. But as I got off the bus, everybody was looking at me and just smiling and telling me to have a good day and stuff. Super weird situation but it was awesome. Then at church the speakers were so good and one talked about the Book of Mormon and in the middle of the talk this 19 year old kid named Nick walks in with his jeans and SF giants jacket and hat. Well as she is giving the talk she is right at the part where she is quoting the words of Elder Holland’s Book of Mormon talk. It was so powerful and afterwards I went up to figure out who he was and his story was that his college professor told him to go to a Mormon church and write a report on it… so there he was for the first time in a church building in his life. He stuck around for Sunday school and we got him a Book of Mormon and we are going to start teaching him this week! It was so cool and he was like blown away at how good he was feeling during it all. Then we have another guy that we added this week and his story is that he is Filipino from some little town right outside of Bocolod. so maybe Kelsey could find his family there. (I forgot the city name though…..) so I’ll keep you all updated on that.
This is the last week of this transfer and I will be hitting my 6 month mark pretty soon. It absolutely flies by – it is crazy to think about that. I’ll let you know next week what happens with where I will be next and with my companion situation. The latest with my companions is that our third wheel got transferred this last Saturday to go with another Elder who’s companion got sent home… so he needed a new companion. Our Mission President is awesome! He is so inspired and I love him so much and have the greatest respect for him. He has this system of boxes that he trained us on. The first box is the largest and he trusts you and in this box you can move around wherever you want and have freedom. Then the second box is very small – it’s called the babysitting box. This box is for missionaries who he can’t trust as much and aren’t so obedient, so they have very little room to move around in. Then the third box is the plane ride home!!! Haha – it’s awesome and I love his system. Pretty much you just don’t want to find yourself in the second box ever because if you don’t work to be better than you endure the third box very quickly and our Mission President has already sent several to the third box!
This thanksgiving our plans are to have dinner with two people and it is going to be crazy! I’m eating way to much and my pooch is going to pass up Kelsey’s! ugh I love it! I have gained 15 pounds since being out. It’s awesome. I love you all and you are always in my prayers. It is good to hear that all is well with the family. Sounds like your Thanksgiving will be full of football and food which is what it’s all about – just kidding, its about being thankful for what you have and more than ever I have come to realize how thankful I am for the family I have been raised in and for two loving parents who have raised me well., as well as the coolest brothers and sister in the world who help me strive to be better. I am also thankful for the gospel in which we have. There is nothing else like it. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and just by reading from it one can come closer to the Savior, Jesus Christ. It is by the power of the Holy Ghost in which we know these things are true and that is why I am here on my mission — to proclaim the true and everlasting gospel to those who know not where to find it. We are so blessed to be alive during the time of a living prophet! There is nothing greater than having the mouth piece of God on this earth who holds that priesthood authority from God. I know this to be true for myself, separate from that of anybody else. I am so thankful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. Because of this selfless act we can be made strong and whole. He is our Savior and Redeemer who makes the plan of salvation possible. He can give us exaltation and that is what we are all here for. I love this gospel and it has brought more joy into my life than anything. It is our job to bring the truth to others. I’m thankful for my calling to be a missionary.
Love always, Elder Johnson
PS: Tara and Colby. I hope you travel safely to Colorado! I love you both.




~ by Susan Johnson on November 25, 2009.

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