I Am Senior Companion to a Greenie!

(Nov. 30, 2009) I had the absolute best Thanksgiving I think I have ever had! Sorry family but this year was so much fun and I have a lot of memories from it. So last week I said that we were having dinner with some members – well those plans changed. What we ended up doing is the Mission President selected 3 companionships from around the mission and he selected us to come and join him and his family up at the Mission Home for Thanksgiving dinner! Oh man it was soooo much fun. So our day started with us going to play turkey bowl with our ward and some investigators. It was intense and the field was covered in mud because it was all foggy and wet. So I got absolutely covered in mud and it didn’t help that I superman dove to pull this guys flag and landed flat, right in a huge mud puddle! It was awesome. I wish I got pictures for you all but I didn’t have my camera… but it was bad how muddy I was. Then we raced home and got showered for President to come and pick us up from our apartment. So we all hopped into the missionary van and picked up some other Elders and we got to the mission home and just kind of hung out and played some basketball and board games while stuff was still cooking. Then we had dinner!!!! It was sooooo good. Super awkward at first since it was with the Mission President but then it got really fun and we all went around the table and said what we are thankful for and stuff. It was really fun. Then after we ate, we all played Apples to Apples! haha that definitely brought out all of our characters and we were having a hoot with his family. I ended up winning one of the rounds and almost won another but it was so much fun. President Wade is so cool and it was fun getting to know him better. Then after we all had homemade cheesecakes!!! And you know how much I love cheesecake! Then we went back into our areas after that and we had another dinner with a Filipino member, that was fun and I ate myself to death!
Another awesome new event this week… we got a baptism date with this girl named Shirin. The ward is on fire and is helping fellowship her, it is great. The ward in San Francisco hasn’t even had a baptism date in over a year!!!! Crazy right! That’s what I thought! So the ward is all fired up that we were able to get a date with somebody. She is awesome and is loving the lessons and can recognize the spirit so strong.
Another really cool event that happened this week helped me so much to gain a better understanding and testimony for both the Plan of Salvation and on how to follow the Holy Ghost. Planning one night I felt this impression that we needed to go see this lady in an old folks home and check up on her. Her name is Edith and so we planned to go see her the next day. As we got at the care home, all the nurses were freaking out because we showed up. They had been trying to get a hold of our church for the past 3 days with no luck, and there we were. They wanted to get a hold of us because Edith was getting really bad and she needed a blessing – so we gave her a blessing and about 3 nurses watched -2 other ladies in the same room as her, and then about 4 people down the hall. It was really cool and so I got the privilege to bless her. I layed my hands on her head and the words just flowed out of my mouth on how she doesn’t need a healing — rather that she is going to return to her Heavenly Father soon and to not worry. So after the blessing we ended up teaching everybody who watched a little bit of the Plan of Salvation and what happens to us when we die. Then that was kind of that… well the next day we get a call from the care home. Edith had died shortly after we had left that night. It was crazy and I saw directly that it was the work of the Holy Ghost inspiring us to go see her in the first place and on how much time she had left on this earth… really neat experience that I will never forget.
Sooo you’re probably wondering what is going on with transfers. Yes I am staying here and yes I am getting a new companion. Elder Hintze is actually heading out to my last area in Brentwood which is cool. So as for my new companion, I don’t know anything  about him…. he is brand new in the mission field. Yup, I got called to train this new missionary! ahhhhhh I don’t even know what to think of it. I’m actually really excited about it but scared because it’s a lot of responsibility. I’m going to need some advice Dad and Colby if you got any? So I get matched up with him Wednesday night and it will be an adventure. This is a crazy area to get trained in though! Corrupt city and hectic bus routes that I don’t even know and we will get lost a billion times! It will be great! So wish me good luck on training. I hope I don’t mess him up too bad.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I love you all and you are in my prayers always. The church is true! Mom I got your Christmas package and I’m so excited!!!! I am honestly going to open one each day! Thanks its way cool.
Love, Elder Brady Johnson

~ by Susan Johnson on December 2, 2009.

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