This is Going to be the Best Transfer for Me by Far!

(Dec. 7,2009) My family! guess what? I’m doing awesome and everything is going great. Like I said last week I got asked to train a new missionary! So I went and picked him up on Wednesday night but in the meantime, I sent my old companion off on Tuesday morning and got teamed up with another Elder who was training. That was fun with him for a short time. Then we traveled up to the mission home Wednesday night to meet all the new incoming missionaries. They had flown in that morning and hung out with president all day and got a bunch of training and junk. Then at night they were all in a room and they brought us in and we just had a little presentation thing with president and then he had all the trainers (me) introduce themselves and then point on a big map of where their area is and then explain it. I, of course, absolutely love my area and told them about how cool it is and how its the best since we get to just talk all day to people on the buses. So all the greenies thought it was the coolest area. Then after you tell a little about your area, president tells you who your companion is. I definitely got the coolest! His name is Elder Reeves from north Ogden, Utah. He is the man. We are having soooo much fun. We clicked really well together and are having a blast. He is loving it and its great because we are talking to everybody! We also set a goal to sing on a bus… Hasn’t happened yet but we are going to do it. (yes I know I can’t sing but its not about what it sounds like) but things are going amazing. We are working so well in unity and this is going to be the best transfer for me by far… I have had some rough companions where, lets just say, they knew how many hours they had left. Our first day together, Thursday, we were absolutely packed with appointments and running all over the place. Elder Reeves is such a  good teacher already and he jumped right in and committed our Filipino investigator to baptism. Last time he said “no” strait up, but this time he said, “in the future yes” so that’s awesome. I don’t even feel like I am training him, maybe cuz I don’t even know what I’m doing half the time haha. This one week has been worlds of difference – we are finding so many people to teach and its awesome. We have been giving a lot of blessings as well which is my favorite thing to do. Elder Reeves does the funniest stuff. He definitely is green but its hilarious. For example, he waved to this one guy across the street. I told him “man you cant wave to him!” Elder Reeves was like, “why not?” I was laughing so hard and then I pointed out that he was waving to a guy with no arms… man we were laughing soooo hard, and Elder Reeves felt so bad!
Sunday was such a good day for us as well. We got the opportunity to bear our testimonies in sacrament and the spirit that was there was so strong and this one guy in particular really helped strengthen my testimony for miracles. All day Sunday we were running around visiting people and teaching. Then we had dinner with the Samoan Elders and their ward. Ugh we got fed soooo much I wanted to burst. And its not like normal food – it was polynesian food – like taro root with coconut milk on it. Then they make this one stuff where they take taro leaf and wrap it around corned beef and its called lu (I’m probably spelling it wrong but it is so good. I got a lot of polynesian food when I was with Elder Finau and I love it! Then we went to the Christmas first presidency fireside!!!!!! Man that was soooo good. I love those guys and it touched my so deeply. I am so excited for Christmas and the whole spirit of it is amazing. Today I think we are going to Chinatown and just kind of hanging out downtown with other missionaries. I’ll keep you all updated next week with new and exciting events. I love you bunches and munches.
Elder Johnson
PS. mom, did you ever get those pictures I emailed to you? I hope so for the Christmas card. I better get one so I can read your cool rhyming skills and laugh. I look forward every day to opening the absolute coolest presents ever from you every day. (I had to skip ahead and open the laundry detergent day and also the toothpaste day…) haha but I love your little notes with them. I am saving all of them.

~ by Susan Johnson on December 9, 2009.

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