When we Sing — They Change their Mood (Even with my Voice)!

(Dec. 14, 2009) What’s up family!!!! wooo woooo. Things are going so well. This past week I have seen a ridiculous amount of miracles. My companion, Elder Reeves and I are like best friends and because of that the work is going so great! This past week started out very, very challenging for me. All of a sudden all of our investigators got dropped and we stopped teaching them for whatever reason. Our one with the baptism date pressed pause on us so she could study for finals, bummer. But she is still excited as ever and she will definitely be baptized without a doubt… just on pause until after Christmas. Then our other Filipino investigator, Roy, we decided to give him to the Tagolog speaking Elders so that he can understand better. And we dropped a lot this past week because they were super flaky. So why was my week so good? Well I have never planned so well, I have never had such unity, I have never worked so hard than I am right now with Elder Reeves. He is the man and is on fire. We are having a blast. So with not many investigators, we planned every day for just strait finding activities and it has proven to be amazing! We have sought more diligently than ever the help from the Lord and it has made all the difference. This past week we faced many challenges like the weather (it has rained the past 3 days strait) and even though its wet and miserable, those are our best days. A really cool experience was when I was standing at a bus stop and just absolutely miserable and just my attitude wasn’t in the right place for my sacred calling. So I prayed so hard and just poured out my heart as it was pouring on me! After that we just started to have people lining up to talk to us – literally – it was awesome. That night we added 5 new people and we are currently working with them to start teaching them. They literally gave us their information and want us to come back. Then the following day I was studying and I found my new favorite scripture, Helaman 3:27 (everyday my favorite scripture changes…) then that day we had another 5 new people. It was incredible! So things are going really great. Something that Elder Reeves and I are starting to do is sing to people at their door step. Too bad the Johnson family has absolutely no musical talent, but its not about the skill its about the spirit and when singing for one person they totally changed their mood and opened up to us and now we are teaching them – so much fun. We tried singing on a bus but people won’t let us…. Kind of awkward too!
I also got asked to talk in sacrament on Thursday night… Whatever — I don’t even mind teaching or speaking anymore. I used to make myself so nervous and scared to talk but I really enjoy it now. So my talk was on gratitude. Way easy and think I could have done better but I’m happy with it.  I just like to give talks because it causes me to learn a lot. Then Elder Reeves gave his talk and then there was a sister missionary giving her farewell so she can go to Micronesia. She reminded me soooo much of Kelsey and it was awesome! Just a fun, bubbly, outgoing personality that is going to be an amazing missionary (right Kelsey?) But she brought in the spirit so powerfully. Everybody was crying in the congregation. A lot of her family were not members and were there and I know that they felt the spirit. I got teary eyed when the Stake President added to her testimony. One of the most amazing sacraments I have been in. Not much else is going on… I have a zone conference this week where we get training, super excited about that!
I love you all, you are all the coolest people ever, I don’t care what others say, your my favorite.
Elder Johnson
PS: my Christmas will be super lame cuz my ward is all young dental students and they are all out of town and we aren’t allowed to procelite, only visit members… I’m not sure what we are going to do.  And our Christmas tree is a bonsai tree — it’s epic!

~ by Susan Johnson on December 15, 2009.

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