Our Investigator Said our Religion Makes more Sense

(December 21, 2009) Hello everybody! I don’t know really what to talk about because I am going to be talking to you on the phone in 4 days! I’m so excited. But this past week not much really happened. Kind of a slow week. Everybody is super busy around the holidays and our teaching pool kind of just died and can’t really find people to teach. We did however find a guy named Jovan. He is soooo cool. I met him on the streets and we started talking and it was really good. He is super interested and knows so much about the bible. He has a masters degree in the New Testament and so I thought it was just going to  be a big bible bashing session when we had our appointment with him but actually he is very receptive and open to learning more. He met with the Jehova’s Witnesses before and just feels like there is more out here for him so shortly after, he found us. He comes from really rough background and is just as prepared as I have seen them come. When we taught him he was able to connect a lot of bible verses to what we believe and he says that there is just something different about our religion that is making more sense to him. So he is really sincere and progressing very nicely. Then we are working with a member in our ward who needs help with addiction recovery of smoking. She is doing great and this is my first experience of helping somebody overcome something like this but it is going well. I gave her a blessing the other night and it was the coolest blessing I have ever been a part of! I don’t even know what I said actually but I know it was good. That’s kind of the highlight of the week…. yes mom I got both those new packages! I am so excited to open them! And yes I have been super obedient in opening one present a day! Today I got a face rag – just what I needed, thanks! It has been fun opening all of those!.
Oh yeah I forgot to tell you all about zone conference we had, it was fun and of course it was amazing. We got training on some teaching skills that I definitely need to work on. It was on “listening” and “asking questions” so it helped a lot. Then after we had a delicious lunch and then had a Christmas devotional thing which was cool and we had a gift exchange white elephant thing. It was cool because there was like 70 missionaries doing it! It was intense.
I think that’s it for the week. Everything is going well. My companion, Elder Reeves is still the man and we are having a lot of fun. Today we played some ping pong at the church and it was fun. We were going to go do some stuff but its pouring rain today..
Love you guys. bye!
Elder Johnson

~ by Susan Johnson on December 22, 2009.

One Response to “Our Investigator Said our Religion Makes more Sense”

  1. Can we get Brady’s email address, Mike would like to drop him an email occasionally, if he is in a mission where they can write other missionaries.

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