I Had to Rely on my 2 Years of High School Spanish Skills!

(Jan. 4, 2010) This past week was awesome! The coolest thing that happened was my companion and I went on 24 hour team-ups with other missionaries. I got to go to their area which is in Half Moon Bay! Oh man it is soooo beautiful down there. It is where they have the mazerics where they have huge swells and they have surf competitions there. So this was Tuesday and this area is actually Spanish. so a whole day I was retuning my two years of high school Spanish skills…. haha it was awesome. I couldn’t say much but I did get to sing in Spanish and I thought that was cool. Then I also read in Spanish! Oh man I was so nervous when my companion I was with asked me to read to some people. But the crazy thing was is that I got done reading some stuff from the Book of Mormon and the investigator said that I read that perfectly! It was a miracle.  I have a lot of respect for missionaries who learn a language. It must be frustrating because in that day I learned how one could get frustrated in not understanding what is going on. Other than that this week we have just been teaching a lot of people and having fun. This week we will find out if we are going to be transfered or not. It will be interesting to see what happens.
New Years was a blast. We had a zone activity where we got to hang out and watch some movies that President approved for us. It was fun and all but I fell asleep during the movie. haha you know me… party pooper and can’t stay awake. I gata get running. I love you all and wish you the best this week. Happy New Year.
Elder J

~ by Susan Johnson on January 6, 2010.

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