I’ve Been Made a District Leader (still in San Francisco)!

(Jan. 11, 2010) Whats up family? Everything is going just swell and dandy here in San Francisco. The new year’s is a good time to set new goals and strive our best to recognize the important things in life so that we can focus on the Lord and his work. With the news of Kelsey already finishing a year of service is crazy! It blows my mind away because I realize that just around the corner my year will be up and then I will just have another short year to serve… sad. It absolutely flies by. This week was been fun. I thought for sure that Elder Reeves and I would be split up and I would leave this area and Elder Reeves would stay. But transfer calls came and we are both staying here. But there is a small little twist to the story. President has asked me to be District Leader. So that is kind of cool, I guess. We will see how it goes. So that means that I will most likely be in this area over the district for another two transfers, and that will put me past my year mark (time goes soooo fast!)
So this week we had a lot of teaching opportunities. I have really gained a testimony for talking to everybody that you come in contact with. The first story comes with a guy named Joshua. He is a really cool guy that I met on the train. He is way sincere and interested. we have been teaching him for a while and he is sincerely interested in learning about the Book of Mormon. He had us over for breakfast one day and that was so much fun. We taught him some more, and no baptismal date is set but I know he will eventually be baptized. I also gained a testimony for talking to everybody when we are walking down the street. We were super late for an appointment but we passed this guy and we just slowed down and started to walk and talk with him. His name is Mike. Well we got in and taught him the first lesson and then the second lesson two days later and we committed him to baptism and he accepted! So that is so exciting. He is prepared and we are working with him to follow through on that date now and it’s exciting. This area is on fire now and there is so much more that we can do to improve it! So we now have two baptism dates this month and more to come! There is this new family that moved in and it is a part member family who the wife has been investigating for 5 years and she is practically a member. She has had callings and even did visiting and home teaching to the Stake President with her husband. crazy huh! Well, we have been teaching her and the spirit was so strong and we really set expectations with her to help her know and understand what is expected of her and what we are exactly there for. She is on the borderline of accepting to be baptized so that is really excited. I think it will happen this month.
Other than those things, everything is going well. It sounds like all of you had an awesome holiday break. Best of luck to all of you this upcoming week. Dad: sounds like the company is doing great with the whole remodeling of the facility. I bet it is pretty cool.  That is exciting that you get to go to St. Louis for a volleyball tourney – have fun and good luck with helping out the team. Mom: you’re my favorite and I love your guts! Thanks for all the letters you send me and helping me every week. You have always set a good example for me through obedience to living the gospel and I think about it more than ever now, so thanks. Riley and Trigger: I don’t even know if you’re still alive! Tara and Colby: you’re always in my prayers and good luck with this upcoming week. It must be exciting for you. Colby make sure you poke Tara’s pooch for me!!!! Till next week.
Love, Elder Johnson

~ by Susan Johnson on January 12, 2010.

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