It Can Start with Meeting Someone on the Street!

(January 25, 2010) That is so exciting about Tara and Colby! Congrats on the new little bundle of joy. The ward that I’m in is a lot of young people who are with their first little infants and its crazy because I really am learning that it takes a lot to be a parent and I bet I only see a little glimpse of this heaven…
Not too much happened this week. Our baptism dates got pushed back. The one guy that is golden, we found out that he is one block out of our ward boundary so we had to hand him off to the other missionaries. He is so great though! His name is Mike and it started with us meeting him while walking down the street. We gave him a pamphlet and we followed up with him and we taught him and the rest is history. He has such a  strong faith and quit smoking and every time he gets a craving he opens the Book of Mormon to read. He is such a  funny guy and is so prepared. He will definitely be getting baptized in the near future… but not for our ward.
Kelsey’s story of the throw up is hilarious because that exact situation happened to me!!! So I was getting on the bus and I sat next to this guy and he looked kind of weird, like something was up. I had the impression to move so I slid down two seats and just then he threw up all over the place and a little bit where I would have been sitting. It was sooooo gross and other people on the bus were gagging and it was just foul! So that is funny. I don’t have that phobia but it was still pretty gross.
The work is going well. I have really gained a testimony for the way that the Lord blesses us with people to teach. Our teaching pool just kind of died at the end of last week and this week we had to work hard to get it back up and we did! Now we have so much people to teach. They are all great but they are progressing kind of slow… they are all solid though. We were blessed to have Elder Hinkley come and talk to us at a Zone Conference and it was amazing! The spirit was so strong and he trained us on how we are going to double our baptisms!  Its amazing and its good to see everybody excited about it and I know that its possible and now we have the skills to try to do it so it will happen. I know that he is one of Gods called representatives and the promises that he gave us I will cherish forever. Things are going great with Elder Reeves and I. He is the man and we are having so much fun together.
Love, Elder J

~ by Susan Johnson on January 29, 2010.

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