Things Happen When I Rely Wholly on the Lord

(Feb. 8, 2010) Things are going just dandy here in the city of San Francisco. We have a lot of work to be doing and it definitely keeps us busy all day. We have a handful of investigators, about 10… they are all great but they are going to take some patience definitely. My companion and I set a baptismal goal this month of 3 with names behind it and we achieved that goal for committing them and they accepted, but they are reluctant to choose a date and to keep it. But a miracle happened Sunday night. We have been having a lot of help from the members and a member brought a friend to church. That night we taught them and the spirit was so strong in the lesson and then she accepted baptism and so her date is the 20th. So we are excited about that. I have really gained a testimony on the way that the Lord works and his hand in our work continuously. I must rely wholly on Him and things just happen. It is awesome.
Sounds like you all had a great week and mom you had fun with that little Eden. That sounds fun. Too bad the volleyball team keeps loosing….bummer. I’m sorry about that. Kelsey sounds like she is doing wonderful, I love her guts. My time is limited so I gotta run. Love you all and I hope you are all safe and loving the snow! And it has kind of dried up but it looks like it will rain today again….
I can’t express the testimony that I have for the scriptures. It is my hope that you all take time to pick it up daily and to read the inspired words that have been preserved for you.
Elder J

~ by Susan Johnson on February 9, 2010.

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