I Remain in San Francisco — With a new Greenie!

(Feb. 22, 2010)  Sorry about last week. I didn’t get the chance to write a long email… I kind of didn’t want to because it was a lame week and nothing really happened. So I bet you are all wondering what happened with transfer calls… well the latest news is that the Lord wants me to take another greenie on here in San Francisco! I know right?!?!? It’s crazy! So I go through the whole process of picking him up Wednesday and starting all over with a noob. Elder Reeves is my favorite companion and we never got in any arguments or anything like that. We worked perfectly together and now he is leaving me… he is going out to Hayward out in the ghettos. So I’ll have to update you next week on who my new companion is when I get assigned to him and what he is like. I am still District Leader as well and at first it was really stressful but I am getting the hang of it now and its no big deal. President called me personally to ask me to train again and when I got the call my heart was absolutely pounding!!! I thought I was having a stroke because my heart was going so fast. I thought he was going to ask me to be Zone Leader but I got out of that one at least for another transfer… (other missionaries pattern is train twice, District Leader for 2 transfers, then Zone Leader. So I’m bound to it) So those are the transfer calls that is going on with me. This is going to be my fourth transfer here in that crazy city. I know the ward really well and the bus routes even better.
And yes we had a baptism this last Saturday!!! It was amazing how it all happened and I am so thankful for the Lords help in preparing people. Her name is Polin and she is a dental student along with a lot of the ward members. She is from Iran and is Persian. She is on fire and was incredibly easy to work with and she entered in the baptismal covenant Saturday the 20th. – then confirmed yesterday at church. The ward is on fire now because we got the first baptism in over a year. They are on fire, and even though we don’t have any baptism dates set right now, we have 3 with a soft baptism date, and 4 who we are committing! I am actually happy I’m staying here because we are going to get some baptisms this next transfer. It is amazing to see the Lords hand in this work. I have had such a testimony builder in goal setting and weekly goals and how to have faith to reach them in your daily efforts. Our mission is incredible! We are blowing all the statistics out of the water with numbers and we are only going to increase as we receive more training and to better ourselves. President Wade is the man and I love him! As District Leader I have gotten to know him a lot better and have so much respect for the man.
Other than that things are going ok. The gospel is awesome and when I was reading in “Our Search for Happiness,” (my favorite book) it was talking about how when we at least apply the gospel in our lives, than we will “want” to continue learning and continue to follow in the footsteps of Christ. It is really cool and I have noticed that here as I talk to people. There are thousands of people here in the city and it is my job to filter through them as fast I can to find the elect and those who are prepared. It is discouraging at times but I know that the Lord is helping those and preparing people to receive this restored gospel.
It sounds like all is well at home. Dad you are getting skinnier?  Dude mom you are funny and I love you. Kelsey you are an old fart who is about to die in the mission field! Are you having mom and dad coming to pick you up? That would be cool but at the same time you are missing the experience of taking that long flight home where you get the time to evaluate and think about your next move in life. Not to mention you are stuck next to an innocent child of God who is longing for eternal truths on that plane, and you have it! Either way it would be cool I guess… I want the plane ride home mom and dad! Colby and Tara, I am serving in a ward with families with brand new infants and are going to dental school. I am learning so much about parenting by just watching them – it is weird and you are in the exact position as them. Can I get some more pics of my niece? Is she a chunk? Riley I havn’t heard a word from you since I left, but how was your birthday? What did you get? Are you snowboarding a lot or did you switch to skiing? How is work at Discount and how is volleyball? School season starts right about now right, is RC having a team, either way you will be the man. I love you all. Bye!
Elder Johnson

~ by Susan Johnson on February 25, 2010.

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