Learning about Trials and Adversity

"Jesus" in Living Color

(March 15, 2010) Hello family! Sounds like all is well back home. Sorry to hear about your headaches mom. That is bogus and hope you get better or figure out what’s wrong. Sounds like you all had a hectic week with travel plans and little babies and Riley being Riley! Well my week was ok. Nothing too much to report on. The work has been going a bit slow here but it will pick up soon. We do have several people that we are working with and a lot of hope for them, but I know that things will turn around eventually so I just have to be patient right now and endure.
This last Sunday sacrament meeting was so good! They talked a lot of trials and adversity and I just really liked it. The spirit was so strong and what is even cooler is that we had an investigator there that needed to hear that. We also had Zone Conference this last weekend and it was of course really good! We learned about how to use our area books and got training on effective finding with the resources we have. I really liked the zone conference because it will help us find more people to teach which we desperately need!

That’s all that is new with me, the weather started to warm up and it’s about time because the rain starts to wear you down after a while and it’s no fun to walk in. I love you all and I have to get running now but stay strong and don’t forget who you are!
Elder Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on March 20, 2010.

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