I Love the Oakland Temple!

The Oakland Temple

Approaching the Temple

(March 30, 2010) Hello everybody! I bet your wondering why you didn’t get a letter from me on Monday and you are getting one from me right now on Tuesday? Well we had our p-day moved to Tuesday because we got to go to the temple today!!! I just got done with a session and it was amazing – I love it so much. I love the Oakland temple here. It is definitely one of my favorite ones and is so beautiful. The spirit was very strong and it was such an amazing feeling to be there. I love serving the Lord in the field and as well as in the temple.

Things are going well for me. Actually this past week wasn’t much to report on. Just a lot of stuff fell through and kind of a bummed out week and nothing too exciting. Since I’m District Leader I do companion exchanges with each Elder. I went with one Elder this week and come to find out that there apartment is infected with bugs and all of them are all puffed up and itchy and rashy (not the bugs – the missionaries)….. ewwwwww and I slept at their apartment!!! But so far I’m good and I think I will be ok. Yesterday my companion, Elder Ahohako had to get his wisdom teeth taken out because they were causing problems. And so that was an adventure and he said some hilarious stuff when he was waking up from the medicine. So pretty much all yesterday I nurtured him like a little baby. He is doing well today but is pretty swollen but good enough to go to the temple I guess. That is pretty much it for this past week. We did get a couple of new investigators but they are not officially progressing and we are in a tricky situation with a lot of part member families that my heart just screams for them every time I teach them but I guess that is part of the job…

Sorry I haven’t been getting pictures to you guys. It’s not very easy and I will be sending some soon – possibly a CD. I’m not sure but I’ll make it happen pretty soon. Sorry again. I need to start taking more pictures because I have been bad at that and will do better this week. Sounds like Riley and dad had fun on their trip and that is good that they are safe. That would actually be cool for the dunes to be a bit harder and I hope you all had fun in the wonderful world that God has created for us to have fun in.

And yes mom your right about transfers this week. I have no idea what is going to happen and so far I have been 100% correct with each prediction but this transfer I don’t even know what is going to happen and what lays ahead for me. So I’ll keep you all in tune till next week. I love you all and wish you all the best of luck in this upcoming week. k.i.w. love always,

Elder Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on April 2, 2010.

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