I am a Zone Leader in Walnut Creek!

View of Oakland from the Temple Grounds

(April 5, 2010) Hello one and all. I am doing fantastic and am so excited about what this new transfer has in hold for me! But first I will give you an accounting for the past week. Elder Ahohako had his wisdom teeth taken out on Monday and then it was down and out for him all day. He actually healed very well and I got to experience how to nurture somebody by spoon feeding him and tucking him in when going to bed… haha. Then on Tuesday we had our temple trip and preparation day and I think I e-mailed you then so nothing is new since then, except I just want to share with you once again that the temple is the best place in the world and the spirit is so string there and I love it. Other than that this week has been slow with not very many appointments and just a lot of finding people. Nothing new to add to but we did find a new family to teach and things were hopeful at first with them but they are choosing not to progress. Then there was general conference this past weekend and it was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!! I don’t even know what I was thinking when I was little and not listening to them… now I’m on the edge of my seat in suspense it is so good! Elder Holland is my favorite speaker because he speaks to the soul of every concern in the world and with such power and sharpness and really gives everybody what they need to hear. I think his talk this conference really affected me because I see the world today (San Francisco) and it saddens me to see the immoral conduct going on and how it directly affects everything. I can’t really say who my favorite talk was but I loved all of them! Got notes on them all and this morning I reviewed them and it was like listening to it all over again. For conference I went to our ward mission leader’s home and watched it with him and for one session we had an investigator from the Chinese branch with us which was fun and we helped answer a lot of her questions. We were planning to get one of our investigators to come but things didn’t work out last minute… that was my wonderful Easter weekend and I loved every minute of it. The sprit was especially strong on Sunday morning session with all the testimonies of the Savior. I was very impressed with the recurring theme of families and how the youth are the future of the church and how it is parents responsibility to help them find their way and to plant them on the rock of Christ.

So the big news right now is what is happening to me?!?!? Well as you know, you get a personal call from President if you get a leadership position…. well I got the call once again Saturday afternoon like always and I got released as district leader and asked to serve as a Zone Leader in Walnut Creek 3rd Ward and the young single adult ward there as well. I accepted and so that is where my new adventure begins! I am so excited because my companion is Elder Ross and he was my roommate in Brentwood and I absolutely love him! It will be fun. Its going to be tough but I’m going to do my best and be diligent. As for Elder Ahohako, he is staying here in San Fransico and a new district leader is coming in.

I love you all and hope you all stay strong in the gospel. That is cool to hear about Rileys team beating Vista. Good job Riley. Keep working hard and I remember when Mike Farnsworth had that dumb chicken assignment and it pooped on me when we were in seminary!!! So don’t let it get you like it got me. I love you all and love this work. Till next week.

Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on April 9, 2010.

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