I Had the Best Experience I Have Ever Had Since on my Mission!

Me and the Gang

(April 12. 2010) Hello family! Things are going very well. This week has been an absolute blast for me. I am having fun getting to know a brand new area! It is tricky though and Elder Ross doesn’t know it too well either so we are learning together. But really I am having so much fun. And yes, Elder Ross and I are getting along very well. It is easy to get along with somebody like him and we are working very hard. Our zone is doing really well too. We just had 3 baptisms this past week and we have 9 with a date as well. What is even better is that this past week Elder Ross and I set a date with somebody! And her baptism is the 16th so we are gearing up for that. The work is definitely different here in Walnut Creek. I am trapped in a little bubble called a car and I can’t talk to people…. but we do get to see a lot more members and visit a lot more people that live around. We cover two wards, a family ward and a young single adult ward and the family ward is really small area and I love it. The families are really nice and this place is beautiful. I actually got hit really hard with allergies when I got here and have been suffering all week with that but all is good now and I’m getting use to it now I hope.

I had the best experience I have ever had since on my mission here. It was amazing and I will always remember it. So we visited a family in our ward and she requested a blessing from us but the husband wasn’t home so we couldn’t go in, so instead we set up an appointment the next day. And since Elder Ross and I are new, we didn’t know if the husband was worthy or was even a member to give her a blessing so we were really confused why she asked us to do it. But anyways we show up the next day at the time that we set up and their whole family was there. We visited with the family and I was trying to figure out the situation without just bluntly asking the father why he wasn’t giving the blessing and slowly we got it out of him that he was a recent convert of 3 years – he actually baptized one of their sons and just got the Melkezedic priesthood. So I was really confused why she was asking us to give her the blessing and it was very apparent that the father expected us to give it as well. The intense part was that the entire time I was sitting there visiting with the family, was that the spirit was absolutely screaming to me that we are not to give this blessing and that the father of the home was to do it. Over and over again it rang in my head and what is neat is the exact same story was shared in Priesthood session of General Conference when talking about blessings. So if you could image the situation with the whole family expecting us to do it and we needed to tell them that we weren’t going to do it. My heart was absolutely racing and I prayed so fervently to get the strength to tell them that he was going to do it. I don’t know why I was so nervous about telling them but I was…. anyways it came down to it and the mother was like, “ok, Elder Johnson is it okay if you can give me the blessing.” and I told her as strait forward as possible that I was not going to do it and that her husband is going to do it. She was like shocked as well as the husband and he said that he had never given a blessing before and didn’t know how to. She was shocked too and didn’t really know that her husband can do that. Well we helped explain how it’s done and the priesthood holding father layed his hands on his wife’s head and gave her the most heartfelt blessing I have ever heard. She broke down in tears as the blessing was being performed. The spirit was so strong and bore powerful witness to all of us that day of the importance of the priesthood in a family. I literally felt the power flow through all of us as we had our hands on her head and then I watched the father and mother embrace after that blessing and were brought so much closer together. She then turned to me and told me that she was thankful that I gave her husband the opportunity to do that. There is nothing that could have touched my heart more than those words. I was on a cloud of air the rest of that day and later that night we had the most amazing lesson with a new investigator and it was so much fun. Then the next day was fast and testimony meeting. The wife of that family bore powerful testimony that brought tears to the entire congregation of the power of the priesthood in families, it was amazing. I know that families are ordained of God and that the priesthood is the power from God. I will always cherish that experience for the rest of my life. I love you all and I gata get running now so have a great week.

Elder Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on April 16, 2010.

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