This was the Most Successful Week I Have ever Had!

(April 26, 2010) This week was probably the best, fastest, most successful week I have ever had. It was so amazing! We saw miracles every day that were so huge and helped us achieve our goals. Every day my companion and I worked away trying to find more people to teach and to help investigators to progress! I’ll fist start out about how zone conference went. It was amazing and I loved every minute of it. Elder Ross and I trained everybody on how to answer investigators questions as well as we had training on how to make lesson plans to fit specific needs of investigators. It was so great and it helped our zone so much and is what we all needed. I love the direction that our mission is going in and love President Wade. He is such an inspired man and know how this work goes. As a result to our training I think that is why this week was so great. We planned our lessons more carefully and specifically focused it on baptismal interview questions to help prepare investigators. The following day we had an appointment with an investigator who has been taught for 6 months. His name is Ryan and he’s from Korea, super cool guy and we were able to set a baptismal date with him. The spirit was so strong as we planned and carried out our lesson plan. Among that, we had record breaking numbers in my proseliting area. We added 9 new investigators in one week and the average for the zone is 1-2 a week per companionship. It was neat because I saw all these blessing that the Lord put in our path to help us to achieve goals as we strived for them. We have several investigators that are sooooo close to baptismal dates and we will continue to work with them. Also this last Sunday we had Stake Conference and holy smokes this was the best Stake Conference I have ever been in. We “accidently” sat behind one of our investigators who is a part member family and she was crying by the end of it. Every talk was strait to her it seemed like and mainly because she is having some trying times with family issues. And after she went up to the temple for an hour and talked with her husband and that night she asked us to come over and give her a blessing. Once again we got the husband to give her the blessing and it was amazing!!!! Her biggest hold up is the priesthood and it was a huge testimony builder for her husband to give her that blessing and we hope to see her progress much faster now!

We are teaching a lot of cool people right now. Some people we found tracting this week are some hippies. Haha – it’s awesome and they are “psychodelics” and believe in halusanigins such as ecstacy and shooms to give them that spiritual high… anyways we got in and taught them the restoration and their jaws dropped and are so into it now. We taught them again that week and they love it! It will be a slow progression though for them to grasp some concepts but is still fun. The singles ward that I’m in is just exploding with work. We tract student housing and find so many prepared people. This past week we found this Chinese kid named Zanka. He has been Christian for 3 months and let us in and we taught him. He was blown away and wanted to read the Book of Mormon so bad! We set up an appointment two days later and when we came over for it, his roommate answered the door and let’s just say he wasn’t a nice guy. Long story short, Zanka got antied by family and roommates and he gave us back the Book of Mormon. We gave him a chapter to read and when we got the book back the bookmark was 80 pages further in the book and it was all marked up. sad, but no effort is wasted I guess….I am running out of time and I could go on forever about cool experiences this past week but I have to go. I love this work and it has truly opened my eyes to what is important in this world and how we can improve the qualities of our lives. There is no greater thing than living the gospel within the walls of the home and with a family (oh yeah cool story, we found a family of four tracting and they are so into the gospel! This week we are going to commit them to baptism. I’ll keep you updated.) I love you all and it’s great to know you’re all doing well. You are always in my prayers.

Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on April 30, 2010.

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