Our Zone is on Fire Right Now!

Transfer Day picking up a new Companion

Transfer Day with Pres. & Sis. Wade

(May 3, 2010) Hello family! This week was awesome. It was a bit slower than last week but that’s okay because last week was just intense. We did have a miracle happen! It was great. Elder Ross and I are being blessed with so many miracles in our work in this part of the vineyard. So we have another baptismal date with a guy named Aaron. He is awesome! His story is that he was dating a member for several years and his girlfriend dumped him because he started to have an alcohol problem. Long story short when they broke up the only thing that he took with him was a Book of Mormon that she had given him. He read the whole thing in 4 days and at the end he immediately got a hold of us and told us he wants to be a member and be baptized. He is so solid. He has given up drinking and he is quitting smoking! We are meeting with him a lot and things are going well. His date is for the 29th and it’s exciting. For our other date with Ryan, that got moved to the 6th of June…. Sad but at least we still have it. Our zone is on fire right now! It has the most dates it has ever had in the past year! And it also has the most lessons ever taught in a week this past week. Things are really going well. This next week we only see it getting better too so I’ll keep you updated on that. Another really cool thing is that we have an investigator who wants to meet with us more. Long story but it is a miracle that she wants to meet with us more so that is really cool. This past week we also had zone leader council meeting. It was so much fun! The spirit was so strong and we were trained on several things to help our zones. Nothing else really to report on. I’m excited for Mothers Day!!!!! Woooooooo and as for when I will call, it will have to be at 4:15 (my time, whatever that is your time). That’s the only time I have because we are booked with meetings and church and appointments. So I hope that works out for you. I love you all and hope you all have a great week. Talk to you on Sunday!

Elder Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on May 6, 2010.

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