We Set Record Breaking Numbers for our Zone (15 Baptismal Dates)!!!

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(May 10, 2010) Hope you had a great Mothers Day moooom. It was really good to hear from all of you and to talk to my sweet mother. I love you mom. As you know and as I had talked about –  things are going great! I love serving the Lord and find it to be the biggest learning experience of my life and I love it. This past week we set record breaking numbers for our zone and we now have 15 with a baptismal date! Last week we tied it for 14 and we are going to get some more this week so things are looking really good in our zone. As for my area we are having a lot of fun in it. It is challenging at times to work between two wards and especially when one has more of a demand and the other has slowed down but I find it fun to balance them out and to help both to progress. We are so close to setting a date with a lady in our family ward and hope to do that this week. As well in the singles ward we have this Korean girl we are teaching and we committed her to baptism and she said yes but she wouldn’t set a date because she wants to focus on finals for school so we committed her to pray about what day and we are waiting to hear back from her so things are going great. This week we are going to focus on finding some more people because we have a lot of duddy potentials so we hope to see things go well. We also hear about our transfers this Saturday and I’m not worried at all. I think things will stay just the same for me, which is just fine for me. That’s all for my week. I hope all of your weeks are great and filled with wonderful experiences. Love you,

Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on May 14, 2010.

One Response to “We Set Record Breaking Numbers for our Zone (15 Baptismal Dates)!!!”

  1. Elder Johnson, That is so awesome! Good for you! I know how hard it can be especially in state side missions. What a miracle!

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