Our Investigator Soaks it up like a Sponge!

P-Day Fun


Looking over the Oakland Temple

(June 14, 2010) Things are going great! I’m having a blast with the area that I’m in. There is so much potential here and the Lord is blessing us with miracles every day. Sorry I haven’t said much about my companion but his name is Elder Canova from Salt Lake City, Utah – (boring right? I know) He has been out a year and a half and is a good missionary. We are getting along with each other enough. That’s kind of him…. but anyways, an update with all the people that we are teaching is that that Korean guy we are teaching had to move his baptism and as of right now he is on hold and only time will be able to show the outcome. I can’t talk about much of the situation but let’s just say that Satan knows how to plan ahead and is aware of us. It’s sad how it works but it’s true. He is just having some family issues where he’s not getting the support he needs so we feel it right to hold off on him for now. But oh man oh man oh man he is the most solid investigator I have ever taught!!!! He just soaks it up like a sponge and is the best! We actually take him into other lessons with Soo (our Korean female investigator) and he helps teach her and she has connected sooo much with it all actually. We set a date with Soo for the 26th and she is on fire right now. I have really gained a testimony for member missionary work. Especially when members notice investigators at church it helps them feel much more welcome. If you ever see somebody at church you don’t recognize….. you better get over there and at least introduce yourself because that is all it takes some times! But she is doing great and so involved. It’s neat because every time we talk to her she makes life changes and our last lesson she was asking us about modesty and so we taught that and so she went out shopping after our lesson so that she would have appropriate clothing for church and for the summer. Also she has overcome drinking and now is teaching it to all her friends! It’s so cool and it’s great to work with Koreans. They are the hardest people I have ever taught but in a good way because they are very dedicated and will earnestly dedicate themselves to finding out that its true. But they are hard because the culture is to not express concerns and so once we overcame Ryan and Soo’s concerns, they just clicked and now are on fire.

We also have another girl on date but all the way out in August – long story for why it’s all the way out in August…… I think it’s a joke because this is the most important thing ever to be baptized and a lot could happen in 2 months! As for our family ward, things are a bit slower. It’s difficult to balance a ward that is exploding with people to teach and has the demand for us when the other is just kind of there. But it’s still fun. I love each ward I have served in and I love working with the members! Member work is key, there is nothing more to it, it is the simpleness of the way. Our Stake President spoke at the singles ward and challenged each member to bring in one friend a year into the church. If each family made this their goal, there would be 50 baptisms a year easily per ward. This past week that is all my mind has been on and the goals that I have set for my future as just a “member”. I love this work and the joy in serving others. For two years I don’t have to worry about myself but get to dedicate serving others. It’s the best! Love you all!

Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on June 15, 2010.

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