An Investigator for 35 Years Has Committed to Baptism!

(July 5, 2010) This past week has been excellent. Things are going great here in my area. Some miracles that we were a part of this past week was mainly we were able to set a date with a lady in our family ward that has been investigating for over 35 years. She is so kind and ready so it’s great to see it going through. Also a really cool experience we had this past week was our recent convert, Soo Shin made us dinner on Sunday and it was probably the best food I have ever had! Sorry dad but this stuff was amazing. It was all Korean food and I have no idea what I was eating but it was so good. And even better was her younger brother, Danny joined us and he doesn’t have much of a belief in God but we are now teaching him and helping him. As well as we had another Korean girl that we are teaching and she is absolutely taking off and Soo shares her testimony with her and it is such a good feeling to be able to see people’s hearts totally open up and make changes in their lives to be able to understand these things. Also we were able to set another date in our singles ward with this Chinese, 18 year old and he is great. So a lot of good things going on.

It is getting really hot here now and will only continue to get hotter. Mom did you ever get my package I sent a long time ago? I never followed up to see if you got that… also in our singles ward there is an Aubrey Calvert and her grandfather is Brother Calvert in our ward back home! Cool huh? So we made that cool connection. Also a neat story is when I walked into our family ward (Clayton Valley 1st) and there was this new family so I go and introduce myself and they were just visiting but the kid starts to say that he recognized me from somewhere and come to find out they are the neighbors to the Beckstrands. I think they said their names were the Patch’s… I forgot but anyways ask Julie about it and they will tell her. But the kid said he knows Riley as well from playing volleyball at crossroads. This next week we have is absolutely going to be out of control! We have Tuesday -Friday absolutely booked back to back with appointments every hour –  it is nuts.  I don’t know how we are going to do it but we will see. I hope Kelsey is adjusting well back home and learning much about the American ways again. Please take some pictures of everybody when you do the FHE and send them to me that would be great! I look forward to hearing from you all again soon. Thanks for your love and your support. I love you.

Elder Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on July 9, 2010.

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