We Hear 6 Gunshots Across the Street!!!

(June 21, 2010) This week has been an adventure! Our baptismal dates are sooo solid and it is a blast to teach them. Soo is on fire and is loving everything we teach her. She soaks it all up and loves it. Then our other Korean investigator is doing amazing!!! I haven’t been telling you much about the entire situation with him but to make a long story short he is just having some issues within his family and isn’t getting the support he needs right now. That may not make sense to all of you but it’s very complicated and it’s  a delicate situation. He wants to get baptized so much and he has the most solid testimony but we can only let time tell some things. But we joined him in fasting this past week on Tuesday and it was the biggest answer to our fast the outcome of it and now he is going to be able to be baptized much sooner!!!! He is amazing. We bring him all the time to other appointments to help us teach because he wants to go on a mission so we are helping him prepare! Super cool guy. Currently we have 2 with a date and they are both solid. And then Ryan just needs some time and then we have some other investigators that are very close and this week we are focusing on setting dates with them so we will see how it goes.

On Saturday I went to Oakland for an exchange with the assistants and it was crazy! We taught in some of the most humbling situations. All of the assistants investigators are right in west Oakland in the ghettos and we taught this lady who got stabbed in the throat 2 weeks ago by her husband and now she breaths out of a trach thing. She is so awesome and has a date for the 4th of July. Oh not to mention she is pregnant with triplets! Then another person we taught was this mother to an investigator that just got shot and killed a week ago. Very powerful lesson and experience. And then we taught another guy who got baptized on Sunday but he on Friday had a gun put to his head! Oh man it was intense!!! Oakland is so cool and I would love to serve here the people are so nice… at least to the missionaries. But anyways that Saturday was so much fun. We set up a street display right in the middle of this farmers market in downtown Oakland and we were holding a street meeting. Thousands of people were there. It was really fun. We had an intense situation at night. We were in teaching this family of 6 kids from ages 7-14 and it was going great and then we hear this cap cap cap cap cap cap. six gunshots right across the street in another apartment complex. All the kids jump up and go to the window and we were trying to get them away from the windows and protect them. And that was right when we were about to leave the appointment so we stalled a bit longer because that is where our car was parked. So about 20 minutes later we still didn’t hear any police or anything so we think it’s safe to go and when we are walking out to the car, all of a sudden about 5 cop cars come screaming around the corners and swarm this apartment parking lot and so we jumped in the car and sped away!!!! It was intense! Don’t know what happened but my companion and I felt like we were about to be caught in some crossfire so we booked it out of there. Isn’t that story comforting mom? I thought you would like it. No worries – I’m ok and now I want to serve in Oakland because the people are awesome. I hope all of you are doing great and have a wonderful week. I love you all!

Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on July 9, 2010.

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