It’s Sad When Parents Won’t Allow their Kids to be Baptized

(July 12, 2010) I really enjoyed your last letters mom and dad it sounds like you all had such a great time and experience while in the Philippines! It was really cool to hear that experience and I bet you were all loving it. Halfway through the last letter I started to lose count of how many times mom was telling me that it was so hot! You do get a lot of memories and you grow so close to the people you serve it’s really fun to build those relationships. This past week I was actually thinking about that because if I was to come back to visit my mission I don’t know what ward I would go to because all I have been serving in are singles wards and the Sunset Ward which is full of dental students that won’t be there in the future… weird to think about but I have some of the best relationships with people out here because I have been serving them but I may never see them again.

Well my past week was just dandy. Kind of at a high at one point of 5 people with a date and we set 3 new ones but then we also lost those 3 because of parent issues where they won’t allow their kids to go to church and get baptized. Really sad but we are doing our best to still work with them. We have zone conference coming up this next week on Thursday and I’m doing a training on how to find people. So I’m excited about that, just can’t wait to get it over with though. I never heard how J.O.s went for Riley. Give me all the details please. Kelsey I hope you are getting adjusted back into normal life. What are you up to these days? Are you looking for work or just being a lazy bum at home? Are you exercising or studying all day? What do you do with your time, and what about your school situation – what are you doing?  What are all of your plans for the summer? Anything festive and exciting going on? How are Colby and Tara and the little babe doing? Is she still a bundle of joy? At church I was watching this father with his new infant baby boy and he had him slung over his shoulder and then the next thing I noticed was he threw up all over him and his nice suit….. I came to a conclusion that I will never wear a suit to church when I have an infant. The things you learn on a mission…. well I hope you all are having a great summer and staying out of trouble. As for me – it’s really hot and just like Kelsey I’m white as can be!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all, bye!

Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on July 16, 2010.

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