Even the Hostile Ones can Convert!

Sister Barroso's Baptism (7-24-10)

(July 26, 2010) Thanks for all those pictures dad. That trip would be so much fun! This past week I had two exchanges to help train some missionaries and I was on a bike for a day. It was so much fun and it felt so good to get some exercise. And then I was in Oakland again on Friday but nothing crazy happened this past time. As for this past weekend things are going very well. The biggest event is from this last Saturday where we baptized Judy Barroso! She had investigated about 30 years ago and she got offended and pushed away and became very hostile towards the church. Her husband is a member and he kind of fell away after that, but I have been in their home since I have been in this area and have seen absolute miracles as they have both grown together and grown to love and see all the blessings that come from the restored gospel. She got baptized Saturday and it was the best baptism I have ever been to and emotions were high and it was great! The spirit was so strong and it felt so good to see her get baptized. Some other miracles that happened this week is our investigator, Ryan Han (that Korean guy).  Well he is back on date for this Saturday!!!!!! He passed the interview from president and all is well so he is sooo excited. Then we also have another baptism the following day on Sunday for another girl in the singles ward. It will be a good week. Also we set another baptism date with another Korean girl (she came to Soo’s baptism just as a friend) and now her date is for August 14th. You are probably wondering where we are finding all these Koreans and its awesome because there is a college here and we are just networking through them all. I have gained such a strong testimony from just simply asking somebody for a referral. It’s neat to see. That’s about it for my week. This work is a blast and I love it. I hope you all have a good one. Love you bye.

Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on July 30, 2010.

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