Best Feeling in my Life to be a Part of That!

(Aug. 2, 2010) Things have been going really well. Mom to answer your question we have been soooo busy with baptisms and stuff. We have my boy Ryan Han who got baptized this weekend on the 30th! He is the Korean guy and it was the most amazing experience with him! On Sunday we confirmed him in church and the one speaking blessed him so beautifully. The spirit was so strong and then we ended the blessing and we all stepped back and Ryan just sat there with his head down and not looking up for what seemed like minutes. Then he built the courage to lift his head and with tears running down his face thanked us. Best feeling I have ever had in my life to be a part of that! We sat back down in the congregation and it was just pure silence and everybody was just in the moment of the spirit! So worth it. That is why I love missionary work, is to see a person change his life around because he acts on the promptings. I don’t know how much I have told you about Ryan and his situation but it is amazing what he had to endure through and how persistent he was through his trials because he knew it to be true. Then we have Kelly Peterson that got baptized just yesterday on the 1st. She is awesome. We go in to teach her the first time and she already is wearing her CTR ring and has a quad. She has been investigator for over a year and knows it’s all true but her mom wouldn’t let her get baptized. So we taught her and her mom sat in on all the lessons which was intense! But she softened up to us after a while. So that was my busy weekend! As far as upcoming baptisms we have another Korean girl who is very, very close. She is scheduled on the 14th but we may move it back just so she has more time to gain a sure witness. And then we have another guy named Jio who is 20. His best friend just left on a mission and so we picked him up at the farewell banquet dinner thing. We have taught him several times and went to the visitors center to watch the restoration video and then we set a date for the 29th to get baptized. He accepted but it will still be some work with him. We also have a mom and her 16 year old daughter we are teaching that we found tracting. They have a lot of potential. The girl came to church yesterday but it was scary!!!! It was one of those fast and testimony meetings……. (a death in the ward this past week so everybody would say her name and just cry…..) but I have faith in the converting power of the Holy Ghost! So things are going well. This next week we have transfers that we hear about on Saturday so I’ll let you all know what will happen. I really don’t know what will happen with me – it is kind of up in the air. I may be with Elder Canova a third transfer…………………. haha, we will see.

Oh yeah these pictures are of me with Jesus. and then the other one is from left to right, Soo Shin (recent convert of about a month or so) then her friend that is scheduled for the 14th, her name is Jina. Then Ryan Han at his baptism and then Stephen Cheng who is our ward mission leader in the singles ward. I hope you enjoy these pics. I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week. This work is the best and is a blast.

Good luck in school Colby and send me some more pics of that little child of yours. And Riley you are a stud with the girls volleyball team. And Kelsey you are awesome for going to singles ward! haha singles wards are kind of a weird place…. but you will fit right in. Mom and Dad get me some pics please !

Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on August 11, 2010.

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