I was Spiritually Fed this Week

(Aug. 23, 2010) So this past week was intense and it absolutely flew by! It all started with the 4 day training which was amazing with all the leaders in the mission which included the zone leaders, district leaders, new missionary trainers, and sister trainers. So it was 60 of us and we just received training from President Wade…. pretty legit! So cool and I loved it. We focused on things like receiving revelation from the Holy Ghost and using the power of prayer and the Book of Mormon and church attendance on that. All of it was just training to help our teaching skills to be able to help meet the needs of people. So I was spiritually fed this week! But the training lasted from 9-4 every day and immediately following we were booked with appointments every night so I was just burned out each day.

We saw a lot of cool stuff happen this week. Our baptism for the 29th is still good and she is solid and really looking forward to it, so that’s good. We also set two more dates with people last night and it will be awesome to see how they work out. We have about 2 or 3 more people that we are pushing to set dates with this week so our teaching pool is doing very well. But we are definitely in need of finding for this next week. We actually just got a call today about this one guy that we took to church yesterday and he wants to be baptized now… I don’t know the full story but I’ll take it! As for this upcoming week nothing too exciting is going on. I can’t believe that it is already the last week in August, where does the time go. Sounds like all is well back home and that the adventures with Eden are awesome! Riley you are not a true man until you change a diaper. Dad the backyard is so cool and sounds like you are putting a lot of work into it. Mom you are cute, keep doing what you do. Colby how is school going for you? Do you like it? Tell me what the perks and the disadvantages of it are! I’m kind of thinking dentistry…… or chiropractic we will see. Tara you are the coolest – send me some pics of that chunk of baby you made. Kelsey!!!!!! BYU-I with Krystal would be awesome! I actually just got a letter from her the other day and she is doing amazing! I can’t believe she will go straight to school that nut. I have to write her back but I don’t know where to send it to… her home or what.
I love you all, have a wonderful week,
Elder Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on August 24, 2010.

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