My Converts were the Best at the Fireside!

My Mom & Dad's Trip to the Philippines to pick up my sister from her mission in the Philippines

Their form of transportation! (my Dad barely fit!)

The Country looks Beautiful

(Aug. 9, 2010) Hey thank you all for the awesome letters. Thanks Kelsey for that hilarious letter. I was laughing the whole time and could just imagine you and how cool you are. And thanks mom for that novel of your trip to the Philippines! Really it was good and I’m sorry you got wet…. Thanks dad for forwarding Mikes letters to me. He’s a stud. So this week we had a wonderful week. It absolutely flew by. We had a lot of stuff going on and it was intense. I can’t even remember all the things that happened. But I can guarantee we had some miracles. The most eventful thing that happened was when we took our 4 recent converts to a fireside called “Why I believe”. It’s for all the recent converts in the past month to speak and share how they came to make their decision to be baptized and its for the missionaries to bring their investigators to. Well it was so powerful and Ryan, Soo, Judy, and Kelly all spoke and they were definitely the best!!  We also had a investigator there and she loved it. She is now scheduled for the 29th to get baptized and we are preparing for that.  As for transfers, Elder Canova and I are staying together a third transfer and we are still the zone leaders here. It is fun and I love working with this zone and the wonderful Elders and Sisters that are here. I like how you mentioned mom about how you are sent to a mission for a reason and I now know better than I ever have why that is and I just feel like I know these people I am teaching and it’s awesome. This is going to be a shorter letter this week but thanks for all the love and I hope you all have a great week. You’re in my prayers always. Love you all, Elder Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on August 24, 2010.

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