Our upcoming Baptisms are Solid

(Aug. 16, 2010) Thanks for sending all those pictures dad they were awesome. And sounds like you all had an awesome weekend from working in the backyard. It looks really good. Wish I could have been there to help out – that would have been fun. As for me this past week – nothing much to report on. We had to do a lot of finding because our teaching pool has dwindled down but we did find some pretty good people this past week and we are working with them. As for a report on current people, we still have that baptism scheduled for the 29th and its solid. We are working on getting another one in the beginning of September but we don’t have that many people to work with as for right now. We are working really hard on it though. I’m looking forward to this next week though because if you recall me telling you about the huge 4 day training  that they are starting to do, well that starts this week and it will be intense. I’m sure I’ll be on overload from learning all the new curriculum stuff that the missionary department is releasing and it should be a good eventful week.

This next week we already have 100% planned already with booked appointments. Pretty much it is training from 9-4 and then appointments every 45 minutes each night! It will be intense this week. I hope you all have a good week and thanks for all your letters and love. Hope you are all safe and have enjoyed the summer. Riley good luck in school and make sure you take it seriously. And Kelsey you are awesome and you’re not allowed to get married until I get home. Colby and Tara travel safe this week when you go to Colorado (I think that is what mom said you were going to do) and I hope that little pipsqueek is doing good! Mom sounds like you loved working in the backyard and it looks way good! And dad that is an awesome backyard it would have been fun to work on it with you. Sounds like you need to use Riley’s paintball gun to get the rabbits now. Is trigger still alive?

Love, Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on August 24, 2010.

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