The Lord is Blessing us for Working Hard

The Barroso's Visit my Family in Salt Lake

(Sept. 6, 2010) Thank you all so much for all of your emails – they were wonderful and it was great to hear from all of you. And it was awesome to get all those pictures of the adventures that you are all having. Eden definitely looks like a cutie to me so you done good Colby and Tara! Keep it up. I love our family it is the best. We are all so tight and close and it’s the best. Mom I hope you liked meeting the Barrosos. They are pretty cool huh? It was a blast teaching them…. really hard at first but every visit just got better and better. They are on fire and are just going to keep going. I’m sure they told you that we are teaching one of their sons, Taylor and he’s cool. He came to our Singles Ward even though he’s younger but he fit right in. We are teaching a lot of people right now and found a lot this past week. We set 3 new baptismal dates this past week and the Lord is definitely blessing us for working hard. Our teaching pool has grown a lot but oh man I don’t know what it is but it just seems like everybody we are teaching have the deepest concerns and it is very difficult to work around them and to resolve them. I love them though – it’s great.

One of the dates that we set was with this guy named Leonardo and he is from the Philippines and we had the most power house lesson with him the other day. The first visit we taught the restoration and it was just ok… but then our second lesson with him the next day we find out he didn’t read and he said he didn’t read because he had a dream that he opened the Book of Mormon and it was blank, with no writing in it and he was asking us to interpret his dream. I told him it was blank because he hasn’t read it yet. So we read 3 Nephi 11 with him and we started out just reading two verses each and then it gets to his turn and he just keeps reading and reading and doesn’t stop. He would pause and say, “This is exactly like the bible” and then keep going. The spirit was so strong. Then he picked out at the end about the need for proper authority. So we extend a baptism commitment to him and he accepts. He has an issue with his wife accepting him getting baptized. But he is going to read the Book of Mormon with his wife. They are Catholic and he knows it’s true but we will keep working with this guy! Oh man Kelsey, I don’t know how you taught in the Philippines!!!!! Also this past week we had a zone leader council meeting and from what we discussed in that meeting I am getting pretty nervous about what might happen to me this next transfer!!!! Haha just kidding but we will see. I’ll leave that to keep some suspense until I get my transfer call. I love you all and hope you are all safe and sound. Riley how is school going? Are you a big bad senior? What are you plans for school? Make sure you register early. Kelsey I sent you an email so reply back. Dad I would have totally gone to that BYU game with you!!!!! What is wrong with our family?!?!?! hope you all have a great week.
Love you, Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on September 13, 2010.

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