Even the Cable Guy Joined our Lesson!

(Sept. 13, 2010) Thank you so much for your letters and all those great pictures!!! It sounds like you all had an amazing week and it has been filled with festivities! Too bad BYU lost… but sounds like it was fun day. And that ATV trip to St. Anthony I bet was awesome. Thanks for those pics. Little Kelsey got into school with no troubles is good. Funny that you’re staying in Tuscany…. and mom your pedicure story is a hoot, thanks for your picture as well. I had my companion and my two other roommates guess which feet were yours.

This past week was pretty awesome. We found so many people and just had miracles left and right. We actually had a call from this guy telling us he needs help moving in his family last Monday and so we helped him. We come back to visit the lady that we did it for and come to find out she and her daughter are not members and so we have been teaching them this past week and they are absolutely taking off! Our first lesson with them was crazy because Terry, the cable guy was there and he joined us! haha and through the whole lesson more people just came over. We ended the lesson with 7 people in the room instead of just the 2. It’s cool though. And then we were tracting another time this past week and then we found this lady and she is so prepared it is unbelievable. She is Hindu (culturally), but yet she is Christian. We added her and her two kids. One of the kids is actually working on his eagle scout and is in a Mormon ward’s troop. So he has been influenced with it…. it is crazy with this family because so many things are lining up with them and they are soaking it all in. We have taught them twice now and last night we set a baptismal date for all three of them and it’s amazing! But it gets even weirder with this family. They have amazing questions and they are so sincere and it is really testing me with how good their questions are! But the youngest girl after we taught the plan of salvation starts asking questions about what happens in the second coming and questions that are just so deep. Well we told her we didn’t have time to answer those now and so to make a long story short we are back in our car leaving their appointment and then the girl goes up into her room and flips the light on as we are passing by and then I saw up in her room a huge poster on her wall of the official LDS second coming picture (the one that has the temple in the background and thousands of people from all different ages….) kind of weird… people really are prepared out there and I can’t wait to go back and teach them this week.

Eating with the Barroso Family

Another cool thing that happened is on Sunday the Barroso’s spoke in sacrament meeting and it was amazing! My companion and I sang “I know that my Redeemer lives” (the hardest song in the book!!!) and then we gave our own talks and things went very well. I ended up preparing this 10 minute talk but when I got up it was definitely not what I was supposed to present so I just followed the spirit and it was a really cool experience to just speak in front of the whole ward like that. And then we had dinner that night at the Barrosos’s (Sunday) and that is where that picture came from dad. That is Brad’s phone I guess that he took pics from. So things are going really well for me here. The work is booming and next week we get transfer calls I have no idea what will happen and I’m really excited about it though I don’t want to leave this area though because things are going so well. We have 6 scheduled for baptism right now but I’m sad to say that it might just be my time to leave this area…. idk — we will see this week where my fate is.
Thanks for all your love, KIW


~ by Susan Johnson on September 15, 2010.

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