The Lord puts People in our Path!

(Sept. 20, 2010) Hey family! So I have some exciting news about transfers. We just got them this last Saturday and tomorrow will be the day we switch around but for me I am actually going to be staying again! This will be my 5th transfer here and its great. I love this area so much and the people and ward members are great. This area is ripe and ready to harvest. So that means I will be here for Halloween as well. As for Elder Canova, he got released as zone leader and he has two transfers left and has been called to serve in Hayward and train his last transfers so I’m getting a new zone leader companion and his name is Elder Wickel. He is actually with the new missionary I trained, Elder Ahohako right now but it will be a good transfer I hope. I kind of know him but not really – just seen him around. It will be fun. I’m now senior and training him as zone leader and he will most likely take over this area after this next transfer once I leave. But even better news is that there needed to be another assistant called and I was freaking out cuz everybody was thinking it would be me and the timing of it works out but the good news is that I’m not! (I would have died!) But even cooler is that Elder Reeves got called to be the new assistant! Haha – so he got called as just a district leader but he is so ready and is the best missionary out here in my opinion and definitely is qualified to be the new assistant.
My area is doing amazing – the people here are the best and the wards are on fire. This past Sunday we had 6 investigators at church and it was amazing. The wards were on fire just seeing that many new people at church and our gospel principles class was absolutely packed compared to when I first got here and it was the missionaries and one other person…. so things are growing so much. We did lose a couple of dates this past week just because people are having troubles keeping commitments and we are still working with them. So now we have 4 with a date. We found this new girl and set a date for October 16th and she is in the singles ward. Awesome first lesson on the restoration and set a date right there with her. The spirit was so strong and taught here a lot. And then we still have our family that we tracted into one day and they came to church and absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!! So cool because at first in sacrament I thought they hated it and were miserable because the kid behind us was out of control and obnoxious (sorry mom and dad for being like that, I probably offended a lot of investigators in my youth in sacrament) but then we got them to classes and they just loved it. We get a call shortly after church from them and the mom called to thank us about how happy she is and how her daughter had made so many new friends at church and was just really happy. Pretty cool so we are going to keep working with them. We have miracles every day out here and it’s great to see the Lord put people in our path and help us to find prepared people.
Sounds like all of you had another great week. That’s cool you got to go to that game with the family. Hope you are all safe and having a blast and working hard at the same time. Hope your missionary efforts are booming! I learned something this past week that has really broadened my vision of how we are to do missionary work in our lives as members. “It is not a prerequisit to be somebody’s friend to share the gospel with them.” Often times people say they don’t know anybody to share the gospel with and it’s like putting a knife in my side. If we set a goal and prayerfully approach it then the Lord will open doors. If we open our mouths then the Lord will fill them so that we can reach that goal. It can be anybody in the store, on the street, your neighbor you barely know. Follow the promptings of the spirit. I could go on forever about this but I think you got the idea.  Love you all – have a good week.

Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on September 23, 2010.

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