There is Opposition in all Things

(Sept. 27, 2010) Hey family! thanks dad for all those pictures they were great and it was cool to hear that you had a fun weekend up at the cabin and on that bike ride. Mom you are a trooper for doing that – I’m so proud of you. haha.
As for me I’m doing great. This week wasn’t the hottest week I’ve had on my mission but that’s ok. A lot of people that we were teaching just kind of dropped this past week and so we need to do a lot more finding. As well as we lost all of our baptismal dates. People aren’t ready yet so we are trying to work with them. My new companion is awesome – we are so far getting along. His name is Elder Wickel and its definitely a break from my last companion. Elder Wickel, I think I told you is a new zone leader and is doing great. He is very sincere and is a powerful teacher. I can’t think of any cool stories to really tell this week – just that there is an opposition in all things. haha. But this weekend it was ward conference and the stake conference was awesome. President Hunt is the Stake President and I love him – he is my buddy and spoke some very encouraging words to help.
Sounds like all is going well back in the 303 and Kelsey you are having a blast up at school. Riley stay out of trouble. How is the ward back home doing? Anything new and exciting happening?
Love you all, Elder J


~ by Susan Johnson on September 28, 2010.

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