I LOVED General Conference – Each Talk Touched me in it’s Own Way

Oct. 4, 2010) Thank you all so much for your awesome letters to me. I love to get stuff from you guys. Thanks Colby and Tara for that letter and with the pictures of that cute dang thing! Sorry I didn’t thank you last week when I got it but really it was awesome! That’s cool that Kelsey got to go to conference. I bet it was fun to be there. Mom I bet you have the best house on the street with all those amazing decorations of yours!
So this week was great – not the best for key indicators but we saw miracles with our investigators. One really exciting one that I’m stoked about is another Korean guy that we are teaching. His name is Luke and he is solid. He is sincerely looking for truth and we set a date with him for the 30th and it is so much fun to teach him! Things are going ok with other investigators. We are teaching a Hindu family and they came to watch conference with us at the church and they loved it! They watched Sunday afternoon and loved Elder Bednar’s talk. Speaking of conference – it was the best one ever!!!!!! I loved all of it and each talk just touched me in its own way. I don’t even know which one is my favorite because each one has something to learn from. I was getting kind of frustrated though because here we have the prophet and living apostles speaking to us and people don’t even know about it!!! It’s ridiculous and to make it even worse, members don’t even watch it! There are several experiences that went along with this and if anything, it strengthened my testimony of why we watch conference. It seems that all the talks would have been perfect for all the people I was thinking of that weren’t watching it…. funny how that works. I hope you all take conference seriously because it’s a big deal! It’s a prophet! I think that what got me frustrated was that a lot of people would say that they will just watch it later – that is a doctrine of the adversary to say that you can just watch it later. Don’t procrastinate because you know that most likely those people who put it off will never get around to it… other than that, things are going pretty well.
Thank you for all that you do for me and I love my mission and this work. It gets tough at times but it’s not worth dwelling on the things that are going wrong but rather to give thanks for all the blessings. There was so many talks that I needed!!! I love you all and you’re always in my prayers. Have a wonderful week.

Elder Johnson


~ by Susan Johnson on October 6, 2010.

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