Coming Off a Spiritual High was Great!

(Oct. 11, 2010) Thank you so much mom and dad for your awesome letters. I really appreciate them and it is great to hear how all is going and what is going on in your lives! As for the rest of you… haha I would love to hear from you. How is school going Colby for you and what are you up to these days Tara? Are you working or expecting number 2? How about you Kelsey? How is school and what classes are you taking? How many credits? What are you studying? How is life with boys now – are you dating any? Make sure you wait to marry him until I get home. I have to approve. And Riley that is bogus you went to homecoming a couple hours before! haha you stud! Who was it with? Are you hitting the slopes right about now? You have to send me some pics of when you go!!!!!! Are you still working at the tire store? What are your plans with the whole volleyball thing? How about college, where are you applying to? Are we going to room together? That would be so sick!!! I think that’s enough questions for now. Hopefully, I hear back from you guys….
My week was amazing! We had Elder Marlin K. Jensen (church historian) come to our mission and we had zone conference. It was great and before the meeting he met with a small group of us and did training on leadership. It definitely opened my eyes and I learned several things. And then the general session of zone conference was amazing and he spoke to us about faith!!!!!! oooooo it was so good and the levels of faith that there are. Coming off a spiritual high was great. I love President Wade. He is the man and I have such an appreciation of him and all that he does. I have been blessed to work close with him and to see how he leads and watch how he makes decisions for the mission and for his family.
My investigators are doing pretty well. We taught a lot this week but we are really struggling with retaining the people we are teaching. I feel like I’m weak in keeping people committed and so I have been studying that a lot and working to fix that about me. I love Preach My Gospel – it is amazing and all the answers are in that book! So you better get in it more even if you’re not a missionary. This Sunday my companion and I taught high priests class. We did it exactly like a district meeting where we trained them how to teach simply to their friends. It was very good and I loved doing it.
I hope all of you enjoy the start of winter and all the wonderful snow that comes with it!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I’ll be missing it a lot! The weather here is perfect right now. It’s 70 each day and just amazing. Good for missionary work. Well I hope you all find time to first get into the scriptures this week and second to write me! Love you all,

Elder Johnson




~ by Susan Johnson on October 14, 2010.

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