I’ve Been in this Area for 7 Months!

(Oct. 18, 2010) Thanks so much for your amazing emails this week. It was awesome hearing from you all and your adventures and events in the week. I really appreciate it and enjoy it a lot. Sounds like you are all doing well and that is a cool story about the dogs who left suprizes in our home…. and when you said mom that it was Riley’s room that the dog pooped in front of, what you meant was that it was in front of my room right? haha. Dad you just keep planting those bushes! I’m sure it looks good, send some pics. And yes mom I have been here in this area for 7 months. We have a transfers in 2 weeks and I’m doing actually ok here in Walnut Creek. I love it and the two wards I cover are awesome. The Clayton Valley first ward and the Walnut Creek 3rd ward (singles) – it’s so much fun and things are going well. A change would be nice but it’s ok – I’m used to just getting left in an area for a long time. It was weird because I was thinking about where I was a year ago this past week and I realized that I was in San Francisco, which is ironic because that was my last area…. We will see what is in store for me. I’m thinking I will probably go to another place.

This past week was a great week – we saw miracles every day and the people that we are working with are great. There are a couple that we just need to drop because they don’t have any desire to follow through with commitments but they recognize that meeting with us helps them in their lives, just a lack of willingness to act on any answer they get…. but for those people who are willing – it is a blast to teach. We have this older lady, Lavon that we have been teaching and she is on fire. She is like 70 and she has had a lot of death in her family. She was like depressed when we found her but the gospel has been brightening her up so much and it has been a neat experience to work with her. Brother Barosso came to our appointment last night and connected with her so well and I think helped her a lot. This next week we have that 4 day leadership training again and it will, of course, be amazing. On Wednesday, my companion and I have to do a training on “receiving revelation through prayer.” so we will be training on that and I’m excited. Other than that things are going well. I got your package and it has been great, thank you so much mom and dad. Keep those packages coming!!! I have really let myself go though and am getting fat so don’t pack it with so much candy, send like cliff bars and healthy stuff, (but put a little candy in it). I love you all and your always in my prayers, stay safe and remember, “those that speak often and openly of the gospel, prize what it has meant to them” Elder Eyring.

Love, Elder J





~ by Susan Johnson on October 25, 2010.

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