I Have Been Moved to the Tongan Zone in the Heart of Oakland!!! (and have to learn Tongan)!

(Nov. 1, 2010) Thanks for all the letters I have been getting and all your help dad on the transfer stuff. I sent that email to you answering those questions you had and hopefully you got it. Let me know if you didn’t get it so I can resend it. And thanks so much Tara for those pictures of you c-town and your chunk, she is dang cute. And that Halloween costume is bomb. That email was perfect!
So this past week was filled with festivities. I went on two exchanges with other missionaries for training purposes and I went into the Spanish program and went to a lot of appointments in Spanish. I had no idea what was going on and all I did was played with the little Latino kids while my companion taught. My purpose was to keep them quiet while he taught the parents. It worked haha. I had 3 kids crawling all over me – it was intense. I had no idea what was going on but it was fun. And so for my area this week was great as well. Things are going smooth and the investigators we are working with are so great and just a blast to teach! We have this new investigator that is a media referral from temple square and she is such a sweet heart and just so excited about the gospel. She requested a Book of Mormon and so we are teaching her and she is loving it!. We had a trunk or treat party for our ward and we had several investigators there and they loved it.
For Halloween we had meetings and church all day from 8-5:00.  Then we had a dinner appointment at 5:00 that was a blast and some people from the ward all came over.  Then we had to be in at 6:00. So not much of a night. My roommates and I just kind of hung out all night and had a fizzuki (you get cookie dough and spread it out on a cookie sheet in a big giant cookie. then you under cook it in the oven and when you pull it out you immediately dump ice cream all over it and eat it really fast! haha it was awesome and so good!)
So I bet you are all wondering where I am going for this next transfer…. well you’re all in for a shocker. I have been called to serve in the Oakland 3rd and Oakland 4th (I think) in these two wards…… it’s all Tongans. So I have been moved into the Tongan program and have to learn Tongan and work in Oakland!!!!! haha I’m trippin right now – its strait nutty! I don’t even know what to think but I’ll make it work. I’m still a zone leader over there as well over the entire Tongan zone. I love this mission because each transfer it’s like getting a brand new mission call because each area is so diverse. haha So mom your comment about me getting transferred to Oakland and it being scary, well I’m in the most ghetto area now! My new companion is Elder Kalimifoni (kali-ma-phonie). He is awesome and we have been friends the whole time. He played on the national rugby team for Tonga before his mission and he is jacked and huge!!! So I’ll be safe mom, no worries. I’m really going to miss this area though and zone. I have grown to love the people and everybody in the ward as well. Not sure how long I’ll be in the Tongan zone but I’ll learn to love it as well!
Thanks for everything you all do for me. Love you tons. Bye

Elder Johnson


Overlooking Oakland/Temple



~ by Susan Johnson on November 3, 2010.

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