I’m Getting Fat in this Tongan Area!

(Nov. 22, 2010) Hey how is it all going? Sounds like you are all ready for a fun and festive holiday season in Utah. I love you all and thanks for writing me. As for me this past week was an ok week. It was really slow actually and we were faced with a change in weather and now it is freezing and raining every day. But the works still goes on and I’m learning a lot of things. haha the language is crazy! But I’m doing my best to learn it and I will just continue to work on it. I think I’m getting fat! The food is just too good! I’m running every morning so it’s not too bad actually. For Thanksgiving this week I think that we are just going to go to a members home and I’m not really sure where or who with but we will definitely get a lot to eat no doubt about it.

This past Sunday was the primary program for both wards and it was very very very different than what I was expecting from the Palongi wards that I have grown up in and served in! It was hilarious – I don’t think I have ever laughed so much in a sacrament meeting. (that sounds really bad) but it is so true. These kids are hilarious and just out of control! It didn’t help that half way through sacrament the row in front of us all of a sudden made this huge pop sound and I quickly moved my feet and backpack from under the bench and as I examined the bench closer I noticed that there was this huge crack in the wood! It was nuts and I couldn’t stop laughing!!! The crack was like 2 feet long. I was worried that any second in the middle of sacrament the bench would break and the people in front of me would fall! We have some great investigators. We were supposed to baptize two this past week but some things came up and we are trying to baptize them this week. Also we have another one scheduled in December. I love this area I serve in. It’s right next to the temple and I just love being around the grounds of the temple. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all and stay safe and, kia ke mate, (eat until you die).

Love, Elder J





~ by Susan Johnson on December 1, 2010.

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