Christmas Fun and Happenings

(12-27-10) It was sooo amazing to hear from all of you on Christmas!!! It really made my day as well and to hear all your voices. Sounds like you all a had a festive time and just enjoyed each others company the whole day!. You asked me what I did the rest of the day and we ended up just visiting some members but the day was shot and a very, very long day…. it was absolutely pouring rain. (The hardest it ever has here!) For dinner we actually ended up getting invited to come over to have dinner with Fe’au (our ward mission leader) but he didn’t tell us what time he was eating so we guessed when they were eating and we were 2 hours too late….. so we got some leftovers of some pig and boiled potatoes. It was a super awkward day for us and every home we showed up at we didn’t feel very welcome – haha. It’s okay though, I’m just happy the holidays are over so now people don’t have an excuse to not meet with us. Thanks so much for all the pictures… even though they are all of Eden and not of the family. It’s okay – Eden is cool too! So I don’t know what to really talk about because I just talked to you two days ago. But things are going okay. On Sunday church was pretty good. For dinner Sunday it was somebody’s birthday in the ward and so we had a big feast at his home and he of course, cooked a pig in the umu (underground oven) and we ate a lot of food! Today for p-day I’m not sure what we are doing. I think we are going to try to get into Pixar and do a tour so I’m excited about that but we will have to see what we end up doing. I hope you all have a wonderful time together as family and cherish every moment. What are all your plans for new years? I love you all and I hope you get some snow there in Denver! Love ya – Elder J


(12-20-10) Thanks for all the packages and love from all of you! it is the best and thank you mom for the package filled with goodies and fun stuff.  Mom I got your Christmas letter the other day. Thanks it is awesome! You did good as always. This past week was a real adventure….. things were just chaos and every day brought a new adventure and new twists and turns. It’s okay though because that is what I have become used to while serving here in Oakland. We have some great investigators who are progressing and will be baptized at the beginning of the new year. The language is a blast…. I’m slowly but surely learning it and trying to do my best. Thanks for all your encouragement from all of you. It helps. My study time is my favorite time of each day and I love to just learn and the language is fun too. This next week will be very, very slow I’m thinking since people are busy with family and stuff for Christmas. So it will be a bum week. I’m excited for Christmas though and the ward parties are going to be straight nutty!!!! Two days in a row I’ll be sure to get pictures. I love you all and hope you have a festive time this Christmas season. I will be calling you and it will be awesome!!!!!! So I’m really excited about that!! Talk to you then!

Elder Johnson



~ by Susan Johnson on January 1, 2011.

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