2010 Will be my Favorite Year of my Life!

(Jan. 3, 2011) Wooooooooooo can you believe it is 2011? Blows my mind away. On the last day of the year I was sad because that was the last time I get to serve the Lord for an entire year. 2010 will be my favorite year of my life! All is well with me and this past week was wonderful. This past week I went on a lot of exchanges out of my area to go help other missionaries so I didn’t get much time in my area. All my investigators are doing great and this past week we found a new investigator whose name is Leslieli and she is wonderful. So prepared and we set a baptismal date for her on the 22 of January. On Sunday we baptized this really funny lady that I have been teaching since I got here in Oakland. She really struggled with the word of wisdom but we saw some miracles recently and she was able to get baptized yesterday! Her name is Makeleta.

New Years was good for us – on that day I had a big meeting in the morning with president and that went until 1:00 then at 5:00 each Zone got to do an activity and watch some approved movies New Years night. The movies we watched were Shrek Forever After and then Toy Story 3! It was so much fun and we had soooo much food. We had members make us some otai drink and it is by far my favorite Tongan food ever! Then we had to be done with our activity at 9:00 and then in as usual on time. Really fun night and I was soooo tired I hit the hay right after we planned that night! I did actually wake up right at midnight though to some very alarming noises outside. I have never heard so many gun shots in my life! Some people right out on the streets like it’s no big deal and then you could hear shots throughout all of Oakland.  It was definitely a new experience for me. It is a whole new world over here and just different cultures. After the shots all calmed down after about 5 minutes I was out cold again asleep. So that was my New Years experience- it was actually pretty cool. So now we are in 2011 and time just keeps racing by. Life goes on…. sounds like you all had a blast with your festivities and everything going on. Thanks for filling me in with all the great news. I love you all and hope you are all safe.

Elder Johnson



~ by Susan Johnson on January 7, 2011.

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