We Have Some Promising Stuff this Week

(Jan. 10, 2011) Sounds like all of you are having a wonderful start of the new year. It’s good to hear that everybody returned to their homes safely. It is about time that Denver gets some snow!!!!! I bet Riley is super excited and is ready to do some urban stuff! You promised me some pictures so I expect some. (Mom I’ll send pictures to you if you get Riley to send me some pictures). Sorry you had to pack up all the Christmas stuff mom. I know how much you love this season and now the only holiday you have to look forward to next is Mothers Day and then two weeks later when I get released.

Nothing too exciting happened this week. It was a very, very slow week. We did find a new guy and when we taught him the spirit was so strong. We taught in English so I could help and things are going well with him and then when we committed him to baptism he said yes and then we later found out that he is leaving back to school in a couple of days so that is a bummer but he will just have to be handed off to the missionaries where he is going. We do have some promising stuff this week and I hope everything goes well with the current people we are working with because we need to add some new people to our teaching pool. It is extremely low right now and when you’re just limited to Tongan people it is a little difficult to find. Other than that things are just dandy. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week. ofa atu

Elder J





~ by Susan Johnson on January 14, 2011.

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