A Miracle Fell into our Lap!

(Jan. 17, 2011) Thanks so much for the love mom. your the best! That’s too bad that the winter snow stopped there in Colorado…. did Riley ever go snowboarding? Why doesn’t he write me and tell me these things. and I think last week I asked when his graduation is – just wondering if I would be there for that. And while reading your letter about the trek I had a crazy idea!!! I was going to tell you that you should sign me up for the trek so I could be a helper or like a pa or something I’m not sure but as I read on I realized that we’re going to be in Utah for the Barrosso temple trip….. so that shot that idea! Sounds like you are busier than ever with all your activities and callings, but that is good! That is awesome about Jared Vestal but too bad  he leaves a week before me so that he could do his farewell and I would do my homecoming talk the same day but oh well.

Things are going very well for me here in oak-town. This week we were very, very busy and we found some new investigators which we desperately needed. That was actually our zone focus and everybody saw miracles and reached all their goals and now we are doing a lot better on our teaching pools. We have two getting baptized this next Saturday and then another one on the 29th. And then another one scheduled on the 5th of February. The one scheduled on the 29th is a miracle that fell into our lap! It was amazing because we picked him up this past Monday and his name is Mealofa. He is a 9 year old and his family just moved into our area and wants to be re-activated! He is awesome so just soaking the gospel up! He keeps all his reading assignments and even better is he can pick out very deep doctrine out of it. We have to teach him very simply though but at times it blows me away at how fast he catches it. I really like him, he is super skinny though!!!! But he eats so much. So things are going well but we still need to find more! Transfers are this next week and I’m really not sure what is going to be thrown down. Haha – it will definitely be interesting though. I want to train some more new missionaries (3 more for my last 3 transfers) and be district leader again. We will see though and next letter I’ll let you all know. Hope all is well with the family. Keep it safe, and stay active in the church. I listened to a talk just recently from Elder Bednar about how pickling cucumbers and how he related that to activity in the church. Look it up and listen to it for FHE, it would be amazing! Till next week family. Love you so much!

Elder Johnson





~ by Susan Johnson on January 20, 2011.

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