What a Small World!!!

Editors Note:  Kelsey took a weekend trip down to the Bay Area with her missionary friends to see one of their returned missionary friends give his homecoming. While they were visiting the Oakland Temple that Saturday, she saw a bunch of Tongans coming out of the LDS church building that was on the temple grounds.  Knowing Elder Johnson (Brady) was working amongst the Tongan wards she asked several of them if they knew Elder Johnson.  They immediately pointed to the church and said he was inside.  She couldn’t believe it and began her search for her brother to surprise him (he had no idea she was in town). So that gives you background as to the unbelievable circumstances on her random visit with her brother . . . . . .

Surprise, Surprise! (1-22-11)

(Jan. 24, 2011) hahahahaha I’m still in shock of what happened this past week!!! As you all heard the detailed story from Kelsey I bet you are all jealous of her! It was such a funny experience. If you were all a fly on the wall than you would have been laughing hysterically at how it went down. So from my version  – it was just a normal Saturday and things were crazy as ever with the baptism and making sure it goes just right.  So we do the baptismal service and we had 3 people baptized that day and I got to baptize the 12 year old boy (2 brothers and then another lady we were teaching). After we baptized them everybody is leaving and we stay behind to drain the font and turn off the lights. So I’m in the girls bathroom mopping all the water up and the next thing I know is elder Kalamafoni calls my name and tells me to come outside there is somebody here to talk to me….. as I’m walking out and around the corner I see this girl (Kelsey’s friend) ask if I’m Elder Johnson, and my immediate thought was, “oh well she wants something weird since Elder Kalamafoni didn’t take care of it and couldn’t understand what she was asking.” Or the other thought was, “she was going to tell me to get out of the girls bathroom so she can use it”. As I step more out of the room to talk to her, I see this other person hiding around the corner and it freaked me out and then they jumped out and my first immediate thought was…. “this is so not allowed!” My jaw was probably on the ground and I was so much in shock! hahahaha I laughed so hard as I think about it now because I can guarantee it was super, super awkward and I didn’t even say anything at first cause I was so dumbfounded. I didn’t even know what to say. I was so excited and happy to see her. The main thing that I was thinking as we just stared at each other is, “I wonder what my companion is thinking right now – this is so not allowed! And wow, Kelsey looks really good. My sister is still her ditsy self, just the way I remember and I haven’t seen her in over 2 years, give her a hug!” I honestly can’t even remember what she was saying to me at first and I was just so confused. So I just was smiling ear to ear and so happy. Yes I did hug her – don’t know if it is allowed but I did. We got a picture together and I met all of her friends. It was a weird feeling as I walked with her because I just didn’t want anybody to see us together – haha – trying to hide it! So we chatted for a little bit as we walked to the parking lot. I wanted to stay and talk for a while but I had to go. The whole time my mind was just completely blank and I didn’t even know what to talk about. It was really fun though. And then after that I went to just a buffet place and I was just very  happy! So that was the crazy story that went down from my point of view. Small world but really cool. But too bad the temple was closed for her and also she missed the baptism.

Oh well, the rest of the day I was a happy camper and it was also the day that we got our transfer calls and all day I was expecting a call from President to release me as Zone Leader and to train a new missionary or to go be District Leader somewhere but with every passing hour I lost hope of that…. so I’m still Zone Leader here in Oakland east zone and still here with Elder Kalamafoni in the Tongan wards. I thought I was for sure getting released because usually Zone Leaders are only a Zone Leader for 4-7 transfers. Well I just finished my 7th and I thought I was going to be done…. but I’m going on my 8th now. haha Oh man it is strait nutty. It will be good though. I’ll get to learn some more Tongan I guess and baptize many people. The thing I’m happy about is that our Zone is on fire and we are the leading Zone in baptisms even though we are the smallest. So it’s really fun and we stay busy. I was sitting in church yesterday completely clueless of what is going on, as usual, because of the language and as I was day dreaming it hit me that I only have 18 more weeks left! A thought that has never even entered my mind but oh man it scared me so bad! So that just means I need to work so much harder! I hope you are all having a great time and loving life. I miss you all and love you so much. This gospel is true and Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the restoration. ofa atu

Elder Johnson



~ by Susan Johnson on January 26, 2011.

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