We Had 5 Baptisms this Month!

(Jan. 31, 2011) Hey!!! Alright to hit all of your questions! so this week has been an ok week. We are seeing miracles actually and in February we saw the Lord pour out blessings to us and we were able to help people enter into a covenant with our father in heaven. To finalize the month, we had 5 baptisms and we just had one this weekend with a 9 year old. And next weekend we have another two! So it’s amazing! Except that is everybody we are teaching and now we are completely dry on investigators… haha but it’s ok – we are focusing on finding this week. It was our stake conference this Sunday but it was a northern California broadcast from Salt Lake and it was amazing! Elder Eyring spoke about President Monson and knowing how a living prophet is called of God! ooooo it was amazing! I had the spirit witness to me and confirm that President Monson is called of God and that any current Prophet is called of God. The Tongan language is going ok… haha since I didn’t get much of a formal training on it at the MTC and since I just got thrown into it I have no idea about sentence structure or anything. It’s just a lot of memorizing of words. But listening to it I can catch for the most part the topic of what they’re talking about and who and where and stuff like that. I hope you liked those pictures and it is out of control how much they consume! I have no idea where they got those lobsters and how it works is each family brings their own food and some bring 3 pigs just for one family! Yeah we have dinner appointments each night but….”never trust dinner” haha members always forget about us and even though we call to remind the day before, we will get to the home for dinner and they won’t even be home… totally ok with me though because when they do feed us it sooo much I want to die! No my companion doesn’t like how much they feed us – he doesn’t eat that much. Here in America all the Tongans are fat because they have money to buy food but in Tonga they are in shape and skinny because they have to manually labor to get their food (farm, fish, hunt).  It’s a different culture here. and yeah he got the package you sent him! Thank you sooo much – it was amazing, he absolutely loved it! He was so excited. You should have seen his face and he couldn’t stop thanking you for doing that and it was perfect. He loved the shirts and the socks. It was perfect thank you so much for sending him that birthday gift! And no I don’t think this will be my final area on my mission. I’ll have one more area for 2 more transfers.

That is crazy about the cold front coming in and you better bundle up mom and get Riley out with the snow shovel – that’s my favorite job! That’s cool everybody is starting to come home from their mission, it has flown by and it’s unfortunately coming to an end…. I have learned so much and it only awakens me to a desire to work harder the last weeks! So I hope I answered all the questions and you aren’t left wondering anything. Everything else is going great with me. I love you all and hope you enjoy yourself and life! I’m still waiting for pictures Riley from your snowboarding!!!! Mike is getting videos and pictures…… what’s up with that and why aren’t you cool enough to send me some? Mom make sure you chastise him and get him to send me some stuff. He says he’s going to be steazy and I want some proof! ofa at

Elder Johnson



~ by Susan Johnson on February 3, 2011.

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