This Gospel is Amazing!

Feb. 7, 2011) Hey family! How are all of you! Thanks so much for all of your love and concerns for me. I am doing fantastic and things are going great. We are seeing the Lord bless us in many ways! This past week we had another 2 baptisms and it went ….pretty good….. once they showed up at least haha. They were an hour late. I was freaking out the whole time as you can imagine as all the members are waiting for them. And then their confirmation was great as well. Same thing happened though and they walked in late. At first I was worried they wouldn’t show up to Sacrament and I was praying so hard. Their names are Noa and Fifita. They’re great and they are very knowledgeable about the scriptures. Some new great things going on is on Sunday we taught one of our investigators who we have been teaching off and on the whole time I have been here and we are trying to baptize him but he needs to get married first. So this Sunday he informed us that he is getting married this Wednesday so that he can be baptized! So we set his own date for the 19th so that is our next scheduled date. We also had set another date this past week with Nafe… I think I have talked about him before about how we have seen him absolutely drunk… well he’s back and has another date for the 27th but we are going to have to teach word of wisdom again. I’m learning a lot about covenant making and how important it really is to keep the commandments. This gospel is amazing and it makes so much sense.  I love the prophet Joseph Smith for what he did and the sacrifices that went into the restoration of this gospel I know he was a prophet and followed the commandments given to him from our Lord.

This next week I’m really looking forward to because we are having another one of those leadership trainings. This one is 3 days long and I can’t wait! I can’t believe we are week three into this transfer and it will already be halfway over. Time goes WAY too fast here and things just need to slow down. I’m not ready to finish yet and want to stay out here. I’m gaining a lot of weight though…. I’m scared to send pictures home now because my chin is getting fat…. not really fitting my shirts anymore and my pants are getting tight…. I’m trying so hard but it’s hard when we get fed so much and we have no time to exercise. We just eat and sit….. ugh I hate it. So keep me in your prayers! That is about it for me, everything else is fantastic. I love you all and look forward to hearing from you all next week. ofa atu

Elder J



~ by Susan Johnson on February 9, 2011.

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